It doesn’t get much better than finding the scent of a favorite childhood treat in your own backyard.  I can’t tell you how this Iris was acquired, and I am sure I did not pick it for its scent.  It popped open last year for the first time and the scent was just like grape soda.  I couldn’t wait for it to return again this year.


Grape Soda Bearded Iris

This next Iris reminds me of a walk along the cliffs near the Pacific Ocean and the little beauties that we found there one day.  Iris’ come and go so rapidly that, if you don’t happen upon them, you might miss them altogether.  This one grows in my front yard.


Pacific Coast Iris

Thank goodness that I failed to post this blog last week beacause we went to Bodega Bay last weekend and walked along the cliffs.  We saw Gray Whales and lovely wild flowers and very near the end of our walk we came upon this little Iris, growing out amongst the weeds.  There were very few of them left.


Wild Iris at Bodega Bay Headlands

At long last, I finally came upon some Water Iris’.  We came around the corner in Vina, CA a couple of weekends ago and there was, what looked like, a sea of yellow.  I jumped out of the car to snap a few photos.  I asked the girl at New Clairveax Winery how long they would last that way.  She said that she had never noticed them, in the last four years that she worked there, until someone brought them to her attention.  I don’t know how one could miss them.  They were amazing!


Water Iris

So there you have it.  Seasons come and go.  Even the season of the Iris’.  Hope you didn’t miss them because you’ll have to wait almost a year to see them again.

Almost Summertime


I realize that California never really had a true winter this year.  I lived through it and now I find myself feeling like it should be summer now, and not a few days from now, so I’ve decided to start my summer today.

Peaceful Connecticut Island

Peaceful Connecticut Island

Do you remember what your transistor radio looked like?  You know, the one you used to carry with you to the market.  Summertime always meant that there would be a radio station having a contest to name a long line of tunes, in their correct order. That contest sometimes lasted the entire summer before someone would guess them all correctly.  I can’t remember what they would win, but it must have been something grand!

Lazy Days in Maine

Lazy Days in Maine

I never could call in because I wasn’t 18, oh, and I didn’t have a cell phone in my back pocket.  I didn’t have earbuds, Starbucks, or leather flip-flops.  

Bodega Bay Pelicans

Bodega Bay Pelicans

Those were the days.  The lazy days of summer.  

Enjoy yours

                      Mine begins today

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