Precious Pets


I don’t often post messages like this, but we had to put down our fabulous feline last Saturday. We rescued her about sixteen years ago, on a rainy day, from Sacramento. We had to say goodbye, on a rainy day, last Saturday. She was a great cat and we will miss her. We will miss her? We do miss her. She was more like a dog than a cat and was a wonderful companion. We’ve had many friends lately who have had pets that were aging and in need of intervention. It makes me think about my aging as well, because she had lived with us for a very long time. When the nest went empty, she remained with us and helped to fill the void a little.


Well, life around her is quieter and not nearly as “purrfect” as it used to be. Knowing that you did the right thing is not always as easy as I imagine it should be. What I would like you to do for me, is spend just a little extra time with your precious pet today. I can’t pet mine but you can pet yours a while longer and let them know how very special they are to you. They give us so much joy. 

Matters of the Heart



I’ve been recording and watching the Rio Summer Olympics in the comfort of my living room every evening. I’ve noticed many things about the athletes, but a couple of things have begun to stand out.


Lighted Bleeding Heart

As they compete, I can see that they give their all to their sport. At the end of competing, I can quite literally see their hearts beating in their chests. They have exhausted every bit of their energy to achieve their goal. Shortly after their event has ended, they smile a big broad smile, and then they hug the people around them as if they never want to let go.  It is an amazing sight and one that I don’t often view on my television. I’ve been picking and choosing the events that I will watch. I’ve been thinking that I don’t have enough time to devote to watching every event, yet it is one of the few times that I can view the world coming together with one goal in mind, excellence. 



Bleeding Hearts at The Old North Church

I’ve been deleting after watching each selected event but am realizing that I do need to find the time to dedicate to this. I can feel that it does my heart good to see these people embracing each other. Our televisions are filled with hatred, lies, manipulations, violence, bullying, terror, and tears of disbelief. I’m opting to keep those recordings and watch them to their fullest, even after the games have ended. What I see there is love, honesty, unity, hard work, kindness, pride, and tears of joy. Who wouldn’t want to watch that at its finest? I won’t see that again for four long years, and that matters to my heart. 




Just A Little Kindness


One last blog with photos taken on my vacation.  Perkins Cove in Maine to be exact.  

When I put together my photo book from our vacation, I kept coming back to this grouping of photos.  There’s something about the place that I want to keep in my mind.  Photos have a great way of doing just that.  When we are out and about, I always offer to take strangers photos when I see them struggling to get a selfie to commemorate where they’ve been.  Most people are very excited when I offer.  I go a step further.  I think about lighting, shadows, and the general surroundings.  I take a shot far away and move in a couple of times.  Then I wait to make sure that they are happy with the shots.  It takes a few seconds and it makes them so happy.  I tell them to have a great day and go on my way.  Maybe the world could be a less troubled place if we all just showed a little kindness here and there.  Go out and do something nice for a stranger today.  It will make both of you feel good.