Last week we got away to the island of Oahu and spent three days at Turtle Bay Resort before embarking back to Honolulu and the Hilton Hawaiian Village. They should really call it the Hilton Hawaiian Zoo. It was so much more relaxing at Turtle Bay. There aren’t turtles in Turtle Bay, it’s got good snorkeling, and the atmosphere is something that makes you want to return, time and time again.

The food on site was wonderful. We were even able to share a rather nice showing of a green flash with the other people who were staying there. It was a bit like the reaction people have to fireworks. You could tell that everyone had seen it. 

I just wanted to share a little of the aloha spirit today as you all started your week. I know you weren’t there to share it with me but these photos depict the feeling well. Open them to a larger size and remember your fondest memories of any one of the islands. Do you think that it’s time that you return to Hawaii?




While we were in Maine, we happened upon an area that sparked our interest.  We needed a place to walk after several days of being on vacation.  We stopped at The Rachael Carson Wildlife Refuge outside of Kennebunkport.  It was a beautiful walk and it was easy to see the effects the tides have on the area as the walk is elevated.


The Tidal Effects

It reminded me, at times, of being back in my childhood home of Santa Cruz, California.  It was quite wooded and there were the occasional hitchhiker’s.  In this one area, by the Pink Lady Slippers, was were the hitchhiker’s landed on my hat and took a ride into town.  I thought I was feeling raindrops, as it was a bit drizzly, but once we got back to Kennebunkport a gentleman in the store started commenting on the inchworm travelers that had attached themselves to my hat.  He thought I might be upset that they were there.  I like inchworm’s, and I had been watching them on a sign while we were taking our walk, so it didn’t trouble me at all.  Well, it did a bit because I wanted to make sure that they were happy in their new plant homes.  


Wild Pink Lady Slippers

I think they probably liked hanging from the trees much better than the plants we found for them.  We didn’t have time to drive them back to the Wildlife Refuge.  Now that I’ve returned home, I can only hope that they are living lovely lives in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Reflective Sky


Yesterday I was on my way to an appointment in San Rafael when I came upon this area.  The air was perfectly still and the waters were reflecting the blue sky like a mirror.  I was so taken with the sight that I decided to stop on my way back later in the day.  

Cullinan Ranch Tidal Restoration, Hwy 37

Cullinan Ranch Tidal Restoration, Hwy 37

I came back through a couple of hours later and it was windy and the waters were muddied up.  It was so different then what I had viewed earlier, so I decided to return today with the hope that I could catch the same stillness in the air.

Three Egrets by the Landing

Three Egrets by the Landing

The wind was ever so slight this morning, but it doesn’t take much to stir the water.  The view was nothing like the day before.

Flying Crane

Flying Crane

I was a little disappointed but then I saw a single crane and it was gracious enough to fly across the water for me.  What a lovely sight.

Looking for Midmorning Snacks

Looking for Midmorning

It made me stop to reminisce about how I felt as a child when I would see something amazing for the very first time.  Our lives are filled with wonderment every day.  We just need to stop to take it all in.  We all live in places that have beautiful surroundings.  I hope you see something truly amazing this weekend.