First Sierra Snow


We’ve been out on some beautiful walks over the last couple of weekends. We were fortunate enough to head up to Sardine Lake in the Lakes Basin area, up the mountain from Graeagle, California. This is the best reflection of the Sierra Buttes that I have ever captured. It was still and silent at the lake, except for the sound of the distant waterfall that echoed from across the deep blue water. 


Reflection on Sardine Lake

We continued on to Sand Pond which is adjacent to Sardine Lake. We’ve never been there when you could walk through the first, fresh inches of snow. The road is usually closed all winter. The ice crystals were everywhere and I found that I couldn’t quite capture the diamond like effect that they were giving off.


Snowy Crystals at Sand Pond

As we were walking, I was thinking about my friend, Robbi, who is recovering from a fall and some broken bones. I felt like I was walking for her. She would have loved the sights and sounds during the off-season there. We’ve continued walking to other places too but you’ll have to come back to see where we’ve been. I hope you had a very Blessed Thanksgiving.

Headed for Shore


Yesterday I headed for the shore. It was over 100 degrees in the valley and I couldn’t get the thought of how refreshing the coast might be, out of my mind. My sister-in-law was staying with us so I asked her if she had ever had lunch at The Cliff House in San Francisco. Her answer was, “I don’t think so.” and off we went.

When we arrived it was foggy, the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge were not visible, and it was 60 degrees. We sat at a window seat, had a delightful lunch, and watched the fog move about the coast line and the Pacific Ocean. It was a beautiful sight. We lingered as long as we could and then took a, barely sunny, walk out to the Sutro Baths. They are long gone but the Cliff House readily reveals the history of the place which makes it easy to imagine just what it must have been like to visit here, many years ago. So, as this heat wave lingers, remember that people on the coast are living a charmed life in the summer fog. Maybe you should go and visit the ocean too.

Be, Stay, & Keep Cool! 


Video Link


Last weekend we rounded a curve on Hwy 70 and found the sun shining down on the hillside. It was beautiful.

I attempted to put a video, that I just finished, into my blog this week but I no longer have that capability. Here is the link to view it if you are not linked to me via Facebook

 You can copy and paste and this should open up for you. It has photos, and music that I wrote, playing in the background. It’s only two minutes long. I hope you like it. I’ve been waiting for a while to share it with you. I hope you have a wonderful day. It’s a stormy one here in California. I hope this photo reminds you that the sun will surely shine for us soon.

Beautiful Canyon

Colors of Hwy 70

Meadow Snog


As we returned from the Sierra’s this week we came upon some beautiful sights. The old Mill Pond was nearly frozen-over so we stopped and tossed rocks across the frozen part and listened to the echoing sounds that the pond makes in the Winter.

Later we came across a meadow that had fog hanging near the ground. There was a couple walking through the snowy meadow with a photographer following them. Engagement photos, perhaps; ’tis that time of year. It made me shiver and warmed my soul all at the same time. So I wish for all of you who read this, that you Have a Memorable and Prosperous New Year. We all need something to celebrate. There are days I look about me and realize that the amazing land we live in, and the joys that family and friends bring, gives us cause to celebrate every day that we have here. So go out and celebrate the very fact that you are here.


(I always loved how Dr. Seuss would make up words and so I took some liberties and created the title Meadow Snog. It is the blending of snow and fog which is what I saw in the meadow. Snog  had no trouble spell checking, so I became curious. Snog is a british term for kissing and caressing amorously, which is exactly what the fog seemed to be doing with the snow in the meadow and the couple were doing while taking pictures. I suppose it really is the perfect word to use for what I was viewing.)

Petals In The Wind


Out in my backyard today

Is a swirling raucous wind


Flowering Salmon Quince

So those petals, young and blossoming

Become suddenly strewn in the spin




Magnolia Soulangeana Blossoms

I’m so glad I caught images yesterday

For today, they are gone from sight


Resting Mourning Cloak Butterfly

As the storm will soon come thundering

Unleashing with all it’s might 



Yellow Acacia In Bloom

Each West Winter is bound to repeat this pattern

Yet the flowers return here anew

Brightening up my landscape

Coloring my every view


Bonnie L DiMichele 2/2016



After years of wondering what it would be like, we finally found ourselves at the Rose Parade.  It was a better experience then I had ever dreamed it would be.  We did get up at 5:30 to get to the parade on time.  Wouldn’t do it that way again, but we weren’t sleeping on the street to see it either, like so many people do.  This float caught my eye.  It could have been that the sun was starting to warm my back.  Everything about it just seemed friendly.


City of Los Angeles “Discover Los Angeles”


This dragon was fire breathing and a spectacular sight.


Singpoli Group “Marco Polo East Meets West”

The longest float, by far, was the Disney float.  It seemed like it went on for miles.  The magnitude of the hours of volunteer work,  practice, planning, and plant growing that goes into this parade is frankly, unimaginable while you are sitting, watching it travel by.


Disneyland Resort “Diamond Celebration”

My favorite band was from Japan.  They had smiles on their faces as they danced and jumped about, backwards at times.  Their enthusiasm was contageous.


Toho High School Green Band Nagoya, Japan

My favorite float had zip-liners floating from one end to the other.  They would reach one side and the tree would grow and off they would zip again.  Very nicely done.


Dole “Soaring Over Paradise”

I would have included my favorite horse, which looked as though it’s spots had been painted on, but it is quite true that I ran out of battery power on my camera and had to cease taking photos.  I loved just about everything about that weekend.  From the opening B-2 flyby to the sky writing at the tail end of the parade, I know that all those colors will remain with me for a very long time.  Happy 2016 Everyone!

Ah, America



We got up with the sunrise last Saturday morning and headed off to Pete’s.  We needed warm drinks to take with us to The Sacramento Valley Veterans Memorial Cemetery.  I recently began volunteering for Hospice and they had asked for volunteers to lay wreaths on the veterans grave-sites.  I didn’t know what to expect but we have some friend’s who have family members who rest in peace in this cemetery.


Upon Arrival at the Cemetery


We were so taken back by the response of volunteers to honor our servicemen.  There were about a thousand of us.  The program ran about an hour and I was moved when one person brought to our attention that, “we are one nation, under one flag.”  I sat and thought about what that means in this crazy hostile world that we have come to find ourselves living in.  I also thought about the price that comes with freedom.  Giving up a little time to decorate the graves is a tiny sacrifice of my time.  As the sun came out to warm our backs at the end of the ceremony, I realized that I will do this again, and beyond that, I would like to challenge you to volunteer.  Find something that is important to you and get involved in 2016.  You will meet the nicest people and find true purpose in your life.  Maybe this hostile world won’t seem quite as bad when you volunteer.  


It only took a few minutes to place a wreath on every grave.  Now that I have more time, I can get back into volunteering.  I used to volunteer for activities that my children were involved in, now it’s more about what I desire to be an active part of.  2016 is a perfect time to be a part of the volunteers that span America.




Summer Sunset Pool


Last weekend we had the pleasure of getting to know some new friends.  We spent the day together and thoroughly enjoyed their company.  (You are never too old to make new friends.)  

Beginning Sunset

Beginning Sunset

The day couldn’t have been more perfect and it ended in this stunning sunset.  It was almost as if the sky was sending us a smile regarding a most memorable day.

Across the Pool

Across the Pool

The reflections ‘cross the pool were amazing.  I do not think these photos do that particular sunset the justice it deserves.  (I tried to duplicate the colors exactly, but I often find that my eyes see things in a different manner than the camera captures them.)

Vividly Lit Up Sky

Vividly Lit Up Sky

All I could say was, “Wow, this is amazing.”  I hope you share a beautiful sunset soon, with someone who is important to you.  Take the time to enjoy those gorgeously simple moments.

Wonderful Waves


It’s hard to get away from the water when you’re on an island.  I suppose that is the very reason that so many people visit Hawaii every year.  I find that I don’t want to leave its memory behind, once I’ve returned home.

My Favorite Color Inside This Wave

My Favorite Color Lives Inside This Wave

I thought that I’d share these waves with you, as once I took the photo, I found that there were things I wasn’t even noticing while I was standing on the cliffs.  The yellows on the hill are reflected in the waves.  I only saw the blues of the ocean, separate from the yellows on the hill while I was there, but the colors are clearly merged in the photograph.

Reflective Waters

Reflective Waters

The reason I don’t want to leave the force of the waves behind could be that the blending of power and beauty are so harmonious in nature.

Blissful Blues

Blissful Blues

I hope that these photos fill you with peace, power, and the Aloha spirit, to sustain you throughout your day.

The Real Deal


Last weekend it snowed in the Sierra.  It was a beautiful sight.  It was nearly all gone the following day so I’m glad that we stopped on a bridge to snap this photo.

Wintery Feather River

Wintery Feather River

The river was completely still, and as I looked a little closer there were two geese standing in the river.  They are the real deal, not at all like the ones on the roof at MacArthur Place.

The Rivers Canadian Geese

The Rivers Canadian Geese

A favorite sight for me is the fresh snow piled on the bare branches.

Snow on Aspen Branches

Snow on Aspen Branches

While on our journey, we came across a red barn.  You hardly notice it when there is no snow but it stands out with the white landscape around it.

Country Barn

Country Barn

A favorite barn on the road to the cabin.  We are sure that it won’t be standing for long.

Old Meadow Barn

Old Meadow Barn

I hope you were able to get a feel for the Sierra Snow, we haven’t seen much of it this year.  I’m hoping for more……