Almost Summertime


I realize that California never really had a true winter this year.  I lived through it and now I find myself feeling like it should be summer now, and not a few days from now, so I’ve decided to start my summer today.

Peaceful Connecticut Island

Peaceful Connecticut Island

Do you remember what your transistor radio looked like?  You know, the one you used to carry with you to the market.  Summertime always meant that there would be a radio station having a contest to name a long line of tunes, in their correct order. That contest sometimes lasted the entire summer before someone would guess them all correctly.  I can’t remember what they would win, but it must have been something grand!

Lazy Days in Maine

Lazy Days in Maine

I never could call in because I wasn’t 18, oh, and I didn’t have a cell phone in my back pocket.  I didn’t have earbuds, Starbucks, or leather flip-flops.  

Bodega Bay Pelicans

Bodega Bay Pelicans

Those were the days.  The lazy days of summer.  

Enjoy yours

                      Mine begins today

                                                     Join me

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