Closed for the Season


We took a little road trip to visit with someone very special to me last weekend. Along the way, we stopped at some beautiful places and were lucky enough to have gorgeous weather to see the last of the Fall colors before Winter sets in.

The stillness that fills the air in Fall is so very different from the noisy clamor of the Summer season when travelers come from all over the United States to vacation here. Many places in the Sierra are closed for the season and the silence sets in. A quiet peacefulness is everywhere you turn, waiting for the snow to return to the peaks and the valleys. I miss these places during the Winter when I can’t reach them. I’m always amazed, when late Spring returns, and I view the mountains endurance over a long frosty Winter. I know that most everything will spring back to life soon and the dormancy will be reversed, but then the noise will return too. The mountains will see the return of life, laughter, and family times spent together, and will again be, “Open for the Season.” 

Fleeting Time


A Look Back at Molokini Crater

We went to Maui recently and I was thinking back on the trip.  It seems we were there ages ago yet I know we went recently.  While there, we got up very early one morning to go snorkeling at Molokini Crater.  It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.  We were the only boat there and the fish were amazing and brightly colored in the clear cool morning water.  Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?  It was!


Bumble in the Flowers

After breakfast we went for a quick walk.  It was all we had time for and we wanted to see a little more of the surroundings before we returned back home.  The Hibiscus were lovely, as always but I am always looking for the wildlife, so to speak.  I was fortunate to get a shot of this giant bumble bee as he flew from flower to flower.


Sunset from The Canoe House

I would be leaving the best part out if I didn’t include this photo.  We had a fabulous time at The Canoe House while the sun was setting one evening.  There had been several evenings when we could not see the setting sun but everything about this evening was perfect.  I love how captured images can take you right back to a special event.  This Saturday, I hope to find more of that magic in Berkeley.

In Tribute


(I have added another layer to my blog, with sound, and you can visit it at this vimeo site or on Facebook.)

John at Stinson Beach

John at Stinson Beach

Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the most remarkable man.  I had no idea at the time that he would become my father-in-law.  He was, in so many ways, a true father, mentor, and friend to me.  Mine, was not the only life he touched; he touched all the people he came in contact with.  He passed away in 1990 after a year-long battle with terminal cancer.  It seems a short time ago and a long time as well.  He had a brain tumor and was loving and brave through it all.  As much as cancer is a horrible disease, it gave us all the chance to tell him what he meant to us.  I remember sitting in the church during his funeral mass; I was sad in the reality that I had only known him for a short time.  I wished it had been longer.  The depth of all our grief was immeasurable.  It was felt by each of us individually and collectively.  A bit of that sadness still remains with each of us today.  Father’s Day, without your father, seems an unfamiliar thing, but for many of us, it is just that.  A day to remember your loss, and to celebrate with our own, new Father’s Day traditions. These are the days that our father’s would have so enjoyed watching.

The song that I wrote and played for him is embedded in the vimeo at the top of the page.  I have placed the poem I wrote to express my feelings for him at the end of this post.  He enjoyed them both, although he never heard the end of the poem, as I didn’t realize that it wasn’t finished until he passed away.  That is when I added the last  part to the poem.  I read it at the cemetery on that cold and windy Wednesday.  (I’ve never liked Wednesdays much since that day.)  We celebrated Thanksgiving the next day.  It didn’t seem much like a celebration to us.  It seems like there are times, when it would just be perfect if, the world would slow down for a moment, so you could take the time to grieve.  There was a time, not so long ago, when all people driving their cars would put their lights on and follow behind the mourners until they turned off toward their loved one’s burial place.  Those were respectful times.  Maybe that is why I feel like the world should slow down, not for all time, but just for a bit.  We should remember those precious souls that we have lost.  Remember too, all that they have taught us about becoming a better person.

I Think of You 

I often think of you

In the wee hours of the morning

I hope that you are resting well

Enraptured in fantasies, dreaming

I often think of you

Many times each day

I hope this life you have

Is kind in every way

I’ll often think of you

Someday when you are gone

Memories of your ways

Will fill me with a song

I’ll often think of you

As I watch your son

And all the ways he is like you

You never will be gone

I’ll often think of you

As I watch my son

He already is, quite like you

And so the cycle runs

I’ll often think of you

As I watch his son

It’s then I will remember

That I’m the lucky one

For I wasn’t born with your genes in me

But was fortunate to be

The vehicle to pass yours on

What an honor that was for me

I never want to make you sad

I just want to let you know

You are so very spectacular

You’ve helped us all to grow

So if you’re here, or if you’re gone

Every precious moment you give

Is filled with love and memories

Of the distinctive life you live


And so Dad,

Now that you are gone

I find I often think of you

As the days continue on

I think of you

And wear a heavy heart

In the fact that now

We are far apart

I know that someday soon

My eyes will dry from tears

Those precious memories of you

Will surround me through the years

I will always miss your presence

Though your essence has come to fill

My heavy and quite saddened heart

To help my soul be still


Written by:  Bonnie DiMichele 1990


Those things that Dad loved.


Growing Family

Growing Family


Wine Making with Friends

Wine Making with Friends


Sardine Lake View

Sardine Lake View

His angel

The Love of His Life

The Love of His Life

Love you Dad!  Thanks for making wonderful memories.