Ah, America



We got up with the sunrise last Saturday morning and headed off to Pete’s.  We needed warm drinks to take with us to The Sacramento Valley Veterans Memorial Cemetery.  I recently began volunteering for Hospice and they had asked for volunteers to lay wreaths on the veterans grave-sites.  I didn’t know what to expect but we have some friend’s who have family members who rest in peace in this cemetery.


Upon Arrival at the Cemetery


We were so taken back by the response of volunteers to honor our servicemen.  There were about a thousand of us.  The program ran about an hour and I was moved when one person brought to our attention that, “we are one nation, under one flag.”  I sat and thought about what that means in this crazy hostile world that we have come to find ourselves living in.  I also thought about the price that comes with freedom.  Giving up a little time to decorate the graves is a tiny sacrifice of my time.  As the sun came out to warm our backs at the end of the ceremony, I realized that I will do this again, and beyond that, I would like to challenge you to volunteer.  Find something that is important to you and get involved in 2016.  You will meet the nicest people and find true purpose in your life.  Maybe this hostile world won’t seem quite as bad when you volunteer.  


It only took a few minutes to place a wreath on every grave.  Now that I have more time, I can get back into volunteering.  I used to volunteer for activities that my children were involved in, now it’s more about what I desire to be an active part of.  2016 is a perfect time to be a part of the volunteers that span America.






Somehow, with all this swirl of change embedded in my life, I have failed to keep up on the practice of Yoga.  I don’t know why this became the one thing that I couldn’t seem to find the time for, but it has worked out that way.  This photograph of the poppy is a bit like my life.  It all looks good and vibrant, but it is a little off-center.    

Delicate Poppy Center

Delicate Poppy Center

Today, I am pledging to get fully back on track, Yoga and all.  You see, although the photo is beautiful, there is a piece of it that doesn’t exactly fit.  It’s not about being perfect; it’s about the  feeling we have when we are centered.  It brings you a strength and peacefulness, the very things that I am always searching for.

Navigating Peace and Forgiveness


Last evening I went to a group grief session.  I’ve never done anything like this before but I thought it might be helpful going into the holiday season.  We were asked why we were attending and I was the only one that answered with the thought that I was searching for peace and forgiveness.  As I was listening, I found it interesting that I was the only one looking for these things.  It made me think.  I have been searching for peace my entire life and finding it around every turn.  I can find peace in the simplest of things, for instance, Stanton Lanier creates songs and plays the piano in the most soothing of ways.  It’s quite peaceful.  Taking my grandchild for a walk and stopping to watch the Cormorant fishing in the pond, watching the birds fly as we approach them, greeting the doggies along our path, are things that bring both of us delight and a calming peacefulness.  Everyday we are greeted with a sunrise and left with the beauty of a sunset.  This sunset made me think of my mother last weekend while we were stuck in traffic along I-80 near Dixon.  What a lovely way to be stuck in traffic.  Mom always liked a good sunset.

Peaceful Sunset

Peaceful Sunset

I think that I have the peaceful part of what I am searching for realized because, it surrounds me everyday and everywhere I go, all I need to do is look for it and be aware of it when I see it.  Searching to find forgiveness is the tricky part.  I don’t often need to find forgiveness but I realize that it is an important part of finding peace and joy in my life.  It is interesting that those people who I feel I need to forgive seldom even notice that something is askew in the relationship.  I have come to find that there are times when I simply need to accept them for who and what they are.  I can not expect them to be anything other than who they are.  I forgive them for being themselves and just figure that it is all they have to give.  I know these things but implementing this idea proves to be a struggle for me.  I need to find a solution so I can move on with the peaceful part of my life.  See, peace and forgiveness are intertwined for me.  I must remember to immerse myself in those moments of discovery and beauty.  It is there that I can bathe in the glorious act of acceptance and forgiving.  

I hope all your sunsets this week are exquisite. 

The Important Things In Life

Red Poppy in the Sierra Mountains

Red Poppy in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

A while ago, I wrote down a list of those things that I felt were important to remember as you move through life.  It was a bit like saying, “these are the things I believe in and I’d like to share them with you.”  Even when you think that you should remember those things most important to you, one can find that these ideas are not rapidly running around in your head 24/7.  I sent them to two of my nieces, with the hope that they would take them to heart upon graduating from high school and moving forward in their adult lives.  I knew that they might not look at them at all, let alone understand what it was I was trying to convey.  I am going to share these thoughts with you, one at a time, in my posts.  I hope that you find meaning in these thoughts as they relate to you; so here is my first thought…..

“Set goals in your life / if you have no goals, you will never achieve them.”

(Your goals don’t need to be huge, you can have tiny goals.  The point is to work toward achieving something.)

Please let me know if you have anything to share, as I can pass it on to others.  Have yourself a wonderful week.