Simple Things


My neighbor has one of the loveliest yards that I have ever seen.  Every time that I pass by it, I marvel in the colors that grace this place.   

Heavenly Hydrangia

Heavenly Hydrangia

I’ve known this neighbor for years and stopped the other day to mention how lovely the poppies were that had just been pulled out and replanted with begonias.

Spectacular Vine

Spectacular Vine

Although the flowers were brilliant and quite a spectacle, “they needed to come out so the begonias could become established for the summer months ahead.”  My neighbor is terminally ill and has a high hope to see those flowers in full bloom.

Beautiful Begonia

Beautiful Begonia

It puts things in perspective…..Shouldn’t life just be about enjoying the simple things?

Forget Me Not


Last week I had a lovely time in Golden Gate Park with my family.  It was breezy and overcast but it didn’t dampen our spirits while we shared a picnic together.  It is times like those, that I want to hold in my mind and never forget.  

Sierra Forget Me Nots

Sierra Forget Me Nots

With that thought in mind, I think it is about time to share a poem that I wrote in 1989.  It is ageless, as are my memories, and was inspired by a phone call from an old friend.

You Called Today

My dear old friend

You called today

You did not know why

Or what you would say

I’m so glad you did

I’ve missed you so

I wish I were there

Watching you grow

Instead of sharing

Times from our past

We’d create new memories

Ones that would last

Our lives are so separate

Yet in their own way

We share like moments

And movements each day

I think of you often

And other friends too

I wonder if they share

The memories I do

I look back now on the

Good times we had

They warm my soul

They make me so glad

And so I know

As our years pass

Those memories created

Will surely last

© Bonnie DiMichele 6/5/1989

Poppy from Mendicino

Poppy from Mendocino

Every time I look at these flowers in my yard, they bring me memories of the Mendocino Coast.

Poppy in Golden Gate Rose Garden

Poppy in Golden Gate Rose Garden

Poppy from our day in the park; another special memory.

Stop at Marin Headlands Look back at San Francisco

Stop at Marin Headlands
Look back at San Francisco

These photos are worth a thousand words.  What I like most about them, is the way they flood me with wonderful memories.  If you’ve been thinking about someone a lot, why don’t you give them a call?  (Didn’t PacBell have a slogan? “reach out and touch someone”)  We all know people who, when you see each-other or talk on the phone, it seems as though no time has passed between you.  Those are the people this poem was written for, so if you are a friend or former classmate, this poem’s for you.  You’ve given me lovely memories that I truly cherish.


Wishing Flower


The Sierra, in springtime, is a lovely place.  The meadows are filled with lush green grasses and the dandelions fill those fields with golden flowers for a time, and later, white spheres of wishing flowers.

Sierra Spring Dandelion

Sierra Spring Dandelion

Remember those times as a child when you couldn’t wait to find a perfectly formed dandelion to make a wish and attempt to blow the seeds into the wind with the thought that your wish would, indeed, come true.  I know a couple of little people who love dandelions.  I do so enjoy watching them and letting them take me back to my younger years.  What were those wishes that I was hoping would come true?  I don’t remember; do you?

Tea Time


It took me a couple of weeks to put this posting together.  I needed the assistance of my grand-daughter.  She was staying over and took Great Grandma’s childhood dolly and chair and moved it from upstairs to downstairs for a party.  We ran out of time so I put the dolly (she calls her Jasmine) on the chair and moved her to the side of the living room to wait for the conclusion of the party.

Dolly Play

Dolly Play

I knew my grand-daughter would be back later that week and I went in search of the tea party set.  Dolly was waiting when she arrived and the tea set was on the dining room table.

Preparing for Tea Time

Preparing for Tea Time

She was delighted to see the tea set and quickly moved Dolly to the family room.  She set everything up and started to play.  She suddenly turned to tell me that she had forgotten something upstairs (off she ran)…….I thought I knew what it was and I was correct……

Teddy Bears Tea Party

Teddy Bears Tea Party

Dolly had invited some of her best friends to have tea and play along.

I do so love watching my grand children play.  It takes me back to younger, less encumbered days.  I encourage you to find your own escape with a friend.  One of my favorite things to do, is to leisurely spend time with people while having a picnic.  I suppose it is my grownup tea party of sorts.  Go out and do something fun with someone you care about.  Life really is too short; we should spend as much time as possible with the people we love and cherish.

Go seize today or at least make plans for this weekend.