Little Piece of Paradise


I often find my mind drifting after I’ve been to Hawaii.  It conjures up images from my most recent trip.  This last visit has proved to do the same.  Once we left the Big Island and arrived in Maui, we had an enchanting experience and I will share more of that in some blogs to follow.  


Lacey Green Leaves

Look at the leaf here.  There was obviously an insect that thought this plant was quite delicious.  I think it looks a bit like lace.  The leaves caught my eye and then what was behind it caught my imagination.  Wouldn’t you love to live here?  I would!  I wouldn’t mind just visiting here either.


Looking Like Paradise Awaits

It’s nearly across the street from this little old stone church.  This island has so much to offer and so many long-lasting memories from the pleasant times that I’ve spent here.


Chapel By The Sea

We went to areas that we didn’t know existed and it leaves (no pun intended) me thinking that I need to return to other islands to see everything they have to offer that I might have missed in the past too.  Always love to return home but then I can’t wait to explore some more…..  

Petals In The Wind


Out in my backyard today

Is a swirling raucous wind


Flowering Salmon Quince

So those petals, young and blossoming

Become suddenly strewn in the spin




Magnolia Soulangeana Blossoms

I’m so glad I caught images yesterday

For today, they are gone from sight


Resting Mourning Cloak Butterfly

As the storm will soon come thundering

Unleashing with all it’s might 



Yellow Acacia In Bloom

Each West Winter is bound to repeat this pattern

Yet the flowers return here anew

Brightening up my landscape

Coloring my every view


Bonnie L DiMichele 2/2016

Storm Set colors


I recently drove from Southern California to Northern California through some road conditions that were less then wonderful.  As I was driving there was an amazing sunset but I didn’t want to stop to take a photo because of the road conditions.  I wrote the following poem to help my mind remember the colors that I saw.  I hope you can visualize them too.

Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds

Storm Set Colors

This sunset that surrounds me
I haven’t a photo for
I’m driving North through cold slushy rain
But it’s colors, I adore

Bright bubble gum pink and glaucous gray clouds
Form a nimbus line to the East of me
Atomic tangerine with black cumulus legs
Hang eerily as far as I can see

Ochre grays and rusty coppers
Linger throughout the clouds
They push their way around me
Then they drop, rain pounds, out loud

A tiny patch of light blue sky
Glows off in the distant West
Illuminated rolling green pistachio hills
Front snow sprinkled mountain caps

I push on through the misting,
Through the downpours, and endless showers
Remembering the colors
The soft, bright, and wickedly gloomy,

2/2016  Bonnie L DiMichele



After years of wondering what it would be like, we finally found ourselves at the Rose Parade.  It was a better experience then I had ever dreamed it would be.  We did get up at 5:30 to get to the parade on time.  Wouldn’t do it that way again, but we weren’t sleeping on the street to see it either, like so many people do.  This float caught my eye.  It could have been that the sun was starting to warm my back.  Everything about it just seemed friendly.


City of Los Angeles “Discover Los Angeles”


This dragon was fire breathing and a spectacular sight.


Singpoli Group “Marco Polo East Meets West”

The longest float, by far, was the Disney float.  It seemed like it went on for miles.  The magnitude of the hours of volunteer work,  practice, planning, and plant growing that goes into this parade is frankly, unimaginable while you are sitting, watching it travel by.


Disneyland Resort “Diamond Celebration”

My favorite band was from Japan.  They had smiles on their faces as they danced and jumped about, backwards at times.  Their enthusiasm was contageous.


Toho High School Green Band Nagoya, Japan

My favorite float had zip-liners floating from one end to the other.  They would reach one side and the tree would grow and off they would zip again.  Very nicely done.


Dole “Soaring Over Paradise”

I would have included my favorite horse, which looked as though it’s spots had been painted on, but it is quite true that I ran out of battery power on my camera and had to cease taking photos.  I loved just about everything about that weekend.  From the opening B-2 flyby to the sky writing at the tail end of the parade, I know that all those colors will remain with me for a very long time.  Happy 2016 Everyone!

End of Day


We stopped for the tail-end of a gorgeous sunset at a Wildlife Refuge off of Z Road just outside of Chico, CA a couple of evenings ago.

Wildlife Refuge off of Z Rd

Wildlife Refuge off of Z Rd

It made me think about the end of each day and that the year was soon coming to an end as well.  I hope you all have had a lovely 2015 and that your 2016 will be even more delightful.  Happy New Year to you all.

Reflective Sky


Yesterday I was on my way to an appointment in San Rafael when I came upon this area.  The air was perfectly still and the waters were reflecting the blue sky like a mirror.  I was so taken with the sight that I decided to stop on my way back later in the day.  

Cullinan Ranch Tidal Restoration, Hwy 37

Cullinan Ranch Tidal Restoration, Hwy 37

I came back through a couple of hours later and it was windy and the waters were muddied up.  It was so different then what I had viewed earlier, so I decided to return today with the hope that I could catch the same stillness in the air.

Three Egrets by the Landing

Three Egrets by the Landing

The wind was ever so slight this morning, but it doesn’t take much to stir the water.  The view was nothing like the day before.

Flying Crane

Flying Crane

I was a little disappointed but then I saw a single crane and it was gracious enough to fly across the water for me.  What a lovely sight.

Looking for Midmorning Snacks

Looking for Midmorning

It made me stop to reminisce about how I felt as a child when I would see something amazing for the very first time.  Our lives are filled with wonderment every day.  We just need to stop to take it all in.  We all live in places that have beautiful surroundings.  I hope you see something truly amazing this weekend.

Icy Heat Wave


It’s been really hot and smokey here; triple digits as they say.  I don’t like the heat so I was filling my mind with the following images with the hope that, if I could cool my mind, my body would surely follow.

Octopus Ice Image

Octopus Ice Image

Well, we all know that I wasn’t exactly successful at that, but it did make me hope for a long, cool, and snowy winter.  It’s not that far off, and if the forecasters are correct, I might just fish my wish.

Winter Sunset Over The Mill Pond

Winter Sunset Over The Mill Pond

Summer is great up in the Sierra’s but it is the stillness of the winter that fills me with one of my favorite sounds, silence.  Graeagle, CA is a special place, and when all the summertime families leave, there is a calmness that descends on the quiet little town.

Eureka Peak With Snow

Eureka Peak With Snow

My favorite time is January, February, or March when they hold the “World Famous Longboard Races.”  It is some of the best times that I have ever had, but you’ve got to have snow, lots and lots of snow!

Rooster Tail Stop

Rooster Tail Stop