Tranquility Lane


I’ve had company this past week and haven’t had much time to think about what I would write in this blog.  However, with that being said, there is something that came to mind while traveling back from the airport today, and I will share it with you because it deals with end of life issues that we all eventually face.  We are going to a memorial later this week and we have had friends that have chosen to not allow people to honor them with a service upon their passing.  I understand why people think this is best for their loved ones, but it is very hard on those left behind to deal quietly with their angst over their friends passing.  We had some friends, Del and Lee, who wanted just such a quiet passing a few years ago.  We did finally honor them with a very small dinner party one evening in our backyard.  We had a short time during dinner when we shared our remembrances of them.  My memories are many but the one that stands out most in my mind was the night they had us over to their place, a top the hills of their city.  It was out on their deck that I began to compose the following poem.  This is why the evening stays so implanted in my mind.  I wrote the poem to have a lasting memory.  I didn’t need to take a picture because the words meant so much to me.  The house that they had built, was on Tranquility Lane.

#1 Tranquility Lane

Last night I sat upon a rock

At the crest of your fine hill

The beauty that surrounded me

Seemed to make my world stand still

Those hazy clouds were painted

Dapple gray and pink

The old oak tree’s long branches

Made me turn again and think

Of days spent on a different hill

Riding horses in the arms

Of another tall fine oak tree

With many illusive charms

I wonder now and hope

That oak tree stands there still

And the view is just as wonderful

From that other distant hill

I may not ever go

To that place now in my dreams

But this place, I’ll return to

Many times it seems

For there is no better place on earth

That I could ever gain

Old memories from new visions

Than number one Tranquility Lane

Here’s an artist’s concept of the view from that hill.  It sits in our dining room and reminds us of our old friends.  They are gone but are never forgotten.  They gave this to us, so you see, they did want us to remember.

View from Tranquility Lane



Seek Peace In Tomorrow



It occurs to me, as we turn the corner from Winter into Spring…..


While I am reflecting, remembering some of my favorite things…..


That time as a season is fleeting, seems I’m caught in a swirl…..


Surrounded by Earth’s brightest colors, that before me unfurl…..

I see one can fill up their days with so much to do

So they never find time for what’s meaningful, it’s true

What a shame it would be to reach the end of one’s road

Just to find, time had taken those moments, you thought owed

So live for today, seek peace in tomorrow

Follow your heart, far away from your sorrow

The meaning of life here, is easy to find

You just have to open your heart, and your mind


(my first poem written for my blog//4/23/2014//Bonnie DiMichele)


Snowy Creek


First Painting

The other night we were invited to attend a Vino and van Gogh fundraiser.  The above painting is the very first painting that I have ever done…beyond the finger painting variety that I did in grammar school.  I’ve always thought painting would be a great thing to learn, but I’ve never taken the time.  It was a lot of fun and we did it with a group of people that we knew which made it even more fun.  I am sharing this with you because it is a really good idea to do this.  The fund-raiser was for breast cancer and my husband spoke about his male breast cancer and the journey he had when he was diagnosed.  Basically he wants to get the word out that it is important for men and women to pay attention to their bodies and not be afraid to go to the doctor if you think there may be something wrong.  The other part of this is that we thought this sort of event could be a good way for kids to celebrate their birthday parties.  We were all together trying to replicate the painting that is before us and it was amazing how each painting had its own individual style. Today is Easter Sunday and I wanted to put my piano music on this blog.  I’ve been having a lot of problem figuring out just how to do that.  The music is in the back of my book and I have made it public on my Facebook page, so if you want to hear it, just find Bonnie DiMichele on Facebook and it should be there.  Hope you like it. The photo below was taken in my backyard and looked very spring like to me, so I wanted to share that as well.  Have a wonderful weekend.



Dancing Red Tiger Lanterns



I was walking through the Capitol Park in Sacramento this past weekend, observing the beautiful flowers that were surrounding me.  There were many people out in the World Peace Rose Garden taking pictures of the flowers and each other.  The Camellia Grove was just about done flowering but the Azalea’s were vibrant and brilliant to my eyes.  When we were about done with our walk, and heading back to the car, I spotted this lantern looking flower on an Abutilon, or Flowering Maple.  I snapped the shot and realized that I still had the camera on a special setting called, One Point Color.  I quickly changed the setting and realized how far we have come with photographs in the last one hundred and twenty-five years.  (Since Kodak released a camera with a roll of film.)


Here it is, in fully color.  I thought about my grandmother and how she would have loved to be able to do that.  She could only take photos in black and white, only with film, and only a few at a time.  In the attempt to save her cherished memories, she took black and white photos and described the colors on the back of each photograph, once processed.  I attempt to revisit her journey to Connecticut in my book, “in Grandma’s Shoes,”  author, Bonnie DiMichele.  Today, I can capture those places that she visited in full color; the way she would have loved to be able to view them, time and time again.  I think my tiny camera is an amazing product.  It is new to me.  My old one gave up after taking thousands of photos.  This new Panasonic DMC-2525 has some amazing new features that I am still playing with.  I tell you this because it is small enough to fit in your pocket and take everywhere.  Now you might think that technology has developed more recently than the 125 years that I mentioned, but without those prior steps, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the things we do today.  The pioneers of photography had no idea where their steps would ultimately lead.  It seems though, that they all wanted to be able to share photos in color.  I am so grateful that they didn’t give up on their dreams and ideas.  What is your favorite photo that you have captured?

Lofty Goals


My grand-daughter turned six a couple of days ago but we have spent days, if not weeks, celebrating this event. She is so happy to be having a birthday and turning six. She got her ears pierced, had tea at The American Girl store, spent the day in San Francisco, and the party is tomorrow! I remember turning six. I spent days on that birthday as well. My days were spent sitting on the steps, outside our house on High Street in Santa Cruz, CA, waiting for the mail carrier to pull up to the mail box out by the street, so I could run down the steps and take a look in the mail box to see if any of my aunties had sent money for my birthday. I guess I was lucky to only have three aunts that lived some distance from me. If there had been more, I might have spent a month, instead of a couple of weeks, sitting on those steps each day…….waiting…….! One aunt would always be on time and would send a simple and sweet card. Another would send a very small amount of money through the mail, and the third, well that was the one that I was truly waiting for. Aunt Elsie would always be the most generous. One year she sent Noah’s Ark via delivery to Sears. We would drive into town to look in the Sears cubicles to see if the delivery had arrived yet. This took a very long time and we went several times to see if the ark had arrived. I know this story seems odd to some of you, but it wasn’t all that long ago that the world moved at a much slower pace. Everything didn’t happen in a day and we actually expected to wait for things. I think todays instant gratification may be pushing our youth toward expectations that are unrealistic, long-term. The ability to have the patience to know that your goal will be reached if you just keep consistently moving toward it, may be something that we have lost. As grandparents, we need to help our grandchildren realize the wonders of this planet that we live on. It’s good to show them how life was when we were young. Those seeds that I planted last week, most of them have grown amazingly well, and I can only imagine that the seeds that I sow with my grandchildren will grow equally as well if I give them the TLC that they need.
I want to share one more thing with you. We talked about this, a little, during tea yesterday, as there were conversation cards on the table.  I had been fortunate to see, a day prior, a house during construction in The Suisun Valley.  The views are spectacular and one would think that living in such a place would bring only peace and harmony to your life.  It occurred to me that our lofty goals sometimes bring great stress with them.  I doubt this is the case here, and the owners will be quite happy in this place.  For those of us who do not live on the hilltop, it is important to appreciate every little thing about us, every day.  We needn’t live at the top of the world to see the beauty that is around us, everywhere.  Do though, take a look at this photo, and enjoy the view.  

House on the Hill

House on the Hill