Gone But Not Forgotten


A few years ago I traveled to Stony Creek Connecticut with the hope that I would view the old granite quarry lily pond that my grandmother had hoped to see one last time when she made her final journey to her hometown.  She did not take photos of it, so I must presume, given the time of year, that she was not lucky enough to stop and marvel in its beauty once again. 


Saw Mill Granite Lily Pond

I had envisioned that the entire pond would be filled with water lilies.  There were many, but not as many as my imagination had conjured up.  There were thousands of lily pads that appeared to be a delicious meal for some sort of hungry bug.


Single Lilies with Thousands of Pads

The surrounding buildings are as beautiful as the lilies are on the pond.


Pond Reflection on Stained Glass

A couple of years ago we went to stay at an old inn at the end of Linden Point Rd.  I wrote a poem about the place and it is on page 65 in my new book “In Memory Of…”  Little did I know how true the poem would become.  I will share just a bit of it below this next photo.  You can see to the left that the inn is no longer there.  The people across this inlet bought the property and tore down the old house/inn.  They wanted a less obstructed view.  They took the two pine trees down as well but left the granite stone that had been used by the indians to grind grain.  (It’s all in the poem.)


Once There Was An Inn & Then There Was None

This place where I am sitting

Comes to fill me with delight

I know some day it will vanish

Erased from memory, and from sight

Is there a place that you remember that may have vanished from this earth?  Do you wish that you could view it one last time?  Maybe it’s a good time to go and discover if your memories still exist in that place.

Whistful Water Waifs


This will be a very short post, but I promise to fill my pages with wonderful photos from my Pacific Northwest trip.  I am simply overwhelmed right now.  I did want to share this with you though.  We went to Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, OR while on our trip.  The busyness of the bees was so much fun to watch.  I captured this photo and you can almost see the wings of the incoming bee.

Busy Bees on Lilies

Busy Bees on Lilies

I somehow missed ever seeing a water lotus before.  All the gardens that I have been in, have never boasted with the complex beauty that I found in these flowers.  I am only up to the 4th day of our trip, while sorting out the photos.  I try to put the photos in a book within 3 days of my return.  That will be tough this time.  So much has happened since we’ve been gone.  Hang in there with me……there is so much more to follow……..I hope you like these garden shots as much as I do.  

Beautiful Water Lotus

Beautiful Water Lotus

Fading Away



Awhile ago you voted on capturing, in photos, the lilies on the granite pond that my grandmother loved to see as a child.  I was short on travel time.  An acquaintance graciously offered to go to the spot in Connecticut and check out the developement of the lilies for me.

Old Sawmill Rd

Old Sawmill Rd

Reflection on Lily Pond

Reflection on Lily Pond

As you can see, there are thousands of lily pads at this location.  It is no wonder that my grandmother longed to see them once again.  There were lots of lily pads by the time these photos were taken and they went back with the hope that there would be more flowers at a later date.  It was only about a week later and the lily pads were fading away into the water.  The weather could have been a factor, but I think it best if I go next year in July.  I will share them with you then, in the meantime, here are a few glimpses of the lilies that I have found in my travels.

DSCN7907 P1010811 water lily at the national garden DSCN6916 DSCN1381 DSCN9539 DSCN9502 DSCN9518 DSCN9530

These lilies are from Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sonoma, and Hess Winery.  Some of them live in a controlled environment while most of them live outside.  I haven’t been appreciating them the way I should.  Now that I realize how fast they come and go, I’ll take a bit more time with them, next time I see them.  They are  magnificent flowers, aren’t they?