Corals and Crimson


With the recent large waves that have been crashing into the California Coast and Hawaii, I’ve been reflecting on the stillness that can also be found on the coast.  One of my favorite places is Half Moon Bay during very low tide and sunset.  There is a magical presence that I find there.  It revives my soul and calms my spirit.


Copper Colored Bluffs at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

I’ve also been thinking about the old saying, “home is where the heart is.”  I always thought that saying was referring to a structure but I think I was wrong.  Anywhere can be home as long as you find peace in that place.  Even fond memories can be home if they lighten your spirit, like the childhood memory of warm sand moving in-between your toes.  I find that I need to keep these pleasant thoughts close to me in this chaotic world that we find ourselves living in.


Tidepools at Sunset

I want to share one other sunset that wants to linger in my mind.  It was beautiful and the company devine.  The whole trip was such a wonderful time.


Etretat France

Waves are everywhere, pounding and changing the landscape but in my mind it will always look like this until I return again.  It was almost a bronze color and then in an instant it returned to grayish white.  This is one of the places my heart finds it’s home.  I never want to let go of those lovely memories.  I hope this stirs up some lovely memories that you want to hold on to also.

Maverick Memories


Isn’t it funny how certain things will bring back a memory instantly?  Some friends went to Carmel recently and dropped by a book with lovely photos of the cottages in it.  You’d think that I would have flashed to walking through the village.  We did just that, not so long ago.  What flashed through my mind was a day in 2005 that I went to the Carmel beach by myself.  It was a gorgeous day and the climate was perfect, not too hot, not too cold, not very windy, yet it was windy enough to watch the sea spray lift off the waves.  

It was one of those days that you have to silently sit in the sand and watch the power of the ocean.  It was a day that I will never forget.  The power of this memory is so strong, it’s a bit like the way a song will instantly take you back in time.  I have gone to the beach many times since 2005 but it has never been this magnificent.

What’s one of your favorite memories?

Wonderful Waves


It’s hard to get away from the water when you’re on an island.  I suppose that is the very reason that so many people visit Hawaii every year.  I find that I don’t want to leave its memory behind, once I’ve returned home.

My Favorite Color Inside This Wave

My Favorite Color Lives Inside This Wave

I thought that I’d share these waves with you, as once I took the photo, I found that there were things I wasn’t even noticing while I was standing on the cliffs.  The yellows on the hill are reflected in the waves.  I only saw the blues of the ocean, separate from the yellows on the hill while I was there, but the colors are clearly merged in the photograph.

Reflective Waters

Reflective Waters

The reason I don’t want to leave the force of the waves behind could be that the blending of power and beauty are so harmonious in nature.

Blissful Blues

Blissful Blues

I hope that these photos fill you with peace, power, and the Aloha spirit, to sustain you throughout your day.