Counting Clouds


We certainly have had some amazing cloud cover recently.  Last weekend we went to the Suisun Valley to listen to a friend play with his band.  The day was so nice and the clouds were promising rain.

Cumulus Clouds

Cumulus Clouds

The colors in the valley were amazing and I was sure that the dark clouds were coming our way.

Illuminated Valley Hill

Illuminated Valley Hill

We could see the lightning and hear the thunder, our rainfall was about six and a half drops.  They were tiny drops too.  I know it’s coming someday.  I just wished it was that day.

Turning Vines

Turning Vines

I shouldn’t forget that, once it rains, I won’t be seeing such beauty about me.  It will be grey, wet, and cold and I will be hoping for views like this again with the promise of rain off in the distance.

Sun Setting Behind the Ridge

Sun Setting Behind the Ridge

The gathering of clouds

I could not ignore

As I stood in the sun

On this valley floor

Soon the hills rumbled

With thunderous cries

As lightning threw sparks

And lit up the skies

I stood still in sunshine

Wishing the rain

Would fall in this place

But my wish was in-vain

© Bonnie DiMichele 2015

Why aren’t we just happy with what we get?