Moments of Silence


I just spent a couple of weeks in the Pacific Northwest and we had a lovely time.  I took tons of photographs of flowers and I found that the jellies became a beautiful sea flower for me.

Glorious Sea Flowers.....Jellies!

Glorious Sea Flowers…..Jellies!

When we returned, we discovered that two of our closest friends moms had passed away and the glory of the adventure suddenly became a reality that many of us deal with far more often than we would like.  During our excursion I had snapped a photo of this flower that made me stop and take a look at it for a while (in silence).

A single flower that caught my eye.

A single flower that caught my eye.

I don’t know why it made me stop, but I wanted to admire it.  It is a simple flower but I found it so very lovely.  Please stop now and think about someone who you admired who has passed on.  We all know someone like that.  They mean something to us and we shouldn’t forget them.

When coming home, and now being at home, the sky was a smokey mess.  I took the next photo several years ago in the midst of a similar smokiness and I wrote this poem while missing my friends while watching a sunset.  Those friends were from Santa Cruz.

Polluted Sunset

Polluted Sunset


The clouds so brightly colored

Appear brushed against the sky

And I stand so amazed

As I gaze with human eyes

The feeling is so warming

Yet, it’s empty too

For I would like to share

This moment here with you

Written by:  Bonnie DiMichele 1986

I hope this blog stirred some memories, of your favorite people, for you.