Happy Chappy


I noticed yesterday that two ladies had stopped to look at the roses growing in the front yard.

Rose Blanket

Rose Blanket

I remembered that another blogger had mentioned that you can find great things to photograph in your own backyard, so to speak.  I grabbed my camera and on the way out the door was a wonderful hummingbird having the best time in the fountain.

Taking a sip

Taking a sip

and Making a splash

and Making a splash.

I think the ladies were enjoying the way the Happy Chappy Roses looked with the water droplets on them.

A bud amoungst the roses.

A bud amongst the roses.

They are at their peak, so if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and enjoy.  Happy Spring

Array of Happy Chappy

Array of Happy Chappy

It’s Busy In The Garden


I recently traveled up to Canada and spent six hours in The Butchart Gardens.  It was divine!  I’ve been slow on my posts because of this trip, and I hope to share some special moments with you, now that I have returned.  The garden is a very busy place.  It is not only busy with tourists but insects too.  It was easier to catch a flower with a bug on it than not.  I think the insects should be included in photos with the flowers; if we did not have them working so hard, we would be in sorry shape here on Earth.

Getting nectar from the flowers.

Getting nectar from the flowers.

The Sunken Garden was one of my favorite places at Butchart Gardens.  It is filled with flowers and this is surely the place that I would want to be, if I were a bee.  This area was filled with people, but if you are patient, you can catch a photo without people and have a bee included, as they are happily flying about everywhere.

Life in The Sunken Garden.

Life in The Sunken Garden.

Look at the legs on this bee.  Busy, productive day.

Legs heavy with pollen.

Legs heavy with pollen.

The Dahlia’s were in full bloom and absolutely beautiful.  We had gone to The Dahlia Barn outside of North Bend, WA and are eagerly awaiting our April shipment, 2015.

Blending In

Blending In

Working Together

Working Together

I’m off to organize the trip with my photos.  I’m going to try to be back on my Tuesday blog schedule by next week.  Until then, go out and smell the roses, clip the dahlias for a bouquet, and fully enjoy your weekend.



There are times when I haven’t any ideas about what to write, and then, out of the blue, it comes to me in a whisper.  I would have been quite content for this whisper to never have passed my ears, but that is not how life works.  Our extended family has had another sudden loss.  You are never ready for life’s twists and turns that are completely unexpected.  I am filling this blog with images of roses.  I believe they were a favorite.  The poem was written for the  passing of a friend’s mother a few years ago.  It fits this situation.  My final thought is one that we should all consider daily…..

Dear Mother of Mine

We started together

Heart to heart

But over the years

Grew discretely apart

Me, I was head-strong

And wanted to fly

You were so sweet

But refused to try

I wished you would want

To give life a fight

Yet you only wanted

To reach toward the light

Now you have gone

Away on a wing

To play only songs

That angels do sing

So hold, me a place

Dear mother of mine

For I’ll be along

But in my sweet time

We’ll touch once again

For our love always knew

The life that we shared

Induced spirits that grew

written by:  Bonnie DiMichele

Here is my final thought for today; reach out to someone today.  Someone where you have left something undone or unsaid.  Be honest, swallow your pride, and let them know how very special they are to you.  Do today, what you should have done long ago.  None of us knows how much time we have.

A Rose Garden From Around The World