Page Turning


I wrote this blog last week and couldn’t find a proper title for it. I usually have the title before I start writing. I think I now know why I struggled so much with this. My new book was delivered to me last Monday and I have been examining 1,500 books. It is an unbelievable task to do, but especially at this time of the year. I have thirty days to complete my proofing of the books. I am so happy that the book is only eighty-eight pages. I don’t even want to do the math. The photos below bring me back to a sense of peacefulness and stillness. So, while I am page turning, you can go get a glimpse of my book at The book is in full color and has thirty-two poems of loss and inspiration that I wrote over thirty years. It is also on and you can purchase a signed copy by emailing me at Here is last weeks blog.

Here are a couple more photos from our trip to Yosemite that remind me of the chilly morning walks that we took. We would go out the back doors of the Majestic Hotel and take the pathway that led away from the hotel. At the top of the bridge, the sparkling ice crystals caught my eye. The crystals and the rushing water glistened in the sunlight as they passed under the bridge.

The reflective view under the bridge was just as beautiful as the viewing of the ice crystals while standing on the top of the span. It was quiet and still, even with the movement of the water passing by. It felt rather like the park was our own personal space. I guess it is our personal space, as it has been preserved for all of us to enjoy. I like to look at these photos at this time of year. It has been so hectic and this lulls me back to a simpler pace. I know things will slow in the year ahead but not for a while with us. Interior home walls are coming down when we round the corner into January. I should print these photos so I can remember the tranquility that we found in Yosemite National Park.

Have Yourselves a Very Merry Christmas  

Peaceful Sea


I know this is not the best photo, but it’s the only one that I’ve got.  I found it in book #10 of my family photo albums.  You see, I was just surprised with an upcoming trip to Mendocino.  I am so happy to be returning to this section of coastline that I have only been to once before.  I took this shot right after writing the poem that I am going to post today.

Albion May 1989

Albion May 1989

I am looking forward to posting many pictures once I return from the trip, as it was back in 1989, when I was last there.  We are also going to shoot for making it to Fern Canyon.  I’ve only seen pictures of it.  It looks like a very inviting place.  It is quite a drive from Mendocino to Fern Canyon.  So here goes, the poem that I recovered out of my old writing book that my father-in-law gave to me.  He thought that I should fill the pages.  I did, with his encouragement, and two books more.

Peaceful Sea 

Not often am I 

By the sea

To touch those feelings

Close to me

But every living thing

Doeth share

The glorious feelings

They find there

The cliffs do shear

The landscape so

Then disappear

Fog comes and goes

The flowers seem

More brilliant here

Spirits lighter

Do appear

And here my heart seems

To caress

Joy and warming 



Bonnie DiMichele


Where is one of your favorite places to be?