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Last weekend we rounded a curve on Hwy 70 and found the sun shining down on the hillside. It was beautiful.

I attempted to put a video, that I just finished, into my blog this week but I no longer have that capability. Here is the link to view it if you are not linked to me via Facebook

 You can copy and paste and this should open up for you. It has photos, and music that I wrote, playing in the background. It’s only two minutes long. I hope you like it. I’ve been waiting for a while to share it with you. I hope you have a wonderful day. It’s a stormy one here in California. I hope this photo reminds you that the sun will surely shine for us soon.

Beautiful Canyon

Colors of Hwy 70

Pacific Sunsets


You may have missed my recent attempt at posting my blog.  I was in Maui, Hawaii and my iPad didn’t want to allow me to post anything.  I thought about struggling with it, and then I thought; why?

First Evening Sunset Kaanapali

First Evening Sunset Kaanapali

This isn’t the best photo that I took, but on our first night, we were serenaded with a concert six floors down.  It was amazing.  I love music, I love tropical evenings, and I love pleasent surprises like this.  I wanted to keep the feel of the party long after it was gone.  I’ve been listening to their CD’s for days now.

Concert with Henry Kapono & Willie K

Concert with Henry Kapono & Willie K

Our first night in Wailea was beautiful and I took this while on our way to the welcome party, down the beach pathway which was just past the pool. 

Pool Sunset Grand Wailea

Pool Sunset Grand Wailea

I had heard glorious rumors about Mama’s Fish House and was longing to go there all week.  We finally made it on the last evening and stopped in for an appetizer.  This place is like being in first class.  I wasn’t sure if I’d return to Maui, as it is rather congested for me these days, but I must return to go to Mama’s.  It was devine.

Final Sunset at Mama's

Final Sunset at Mama’s

There’s more to come as we had many adventures while in Hawaii.  I’m missing the sound of the ocean waves as they pounded the shore.  It’s funny how fast you can grow to appreciate certain things.


Far Beyond Normandy


Lately I’ve been thinking about our trip to France a couple of years ago.  We walked down the Normandy Beach on an eerily still Fall day.  When you are there, you are consumed with thoughts of WWII and what those young men must have been thinking while being dropped off to perform an unimaginable task.  What is most remarkable, is that it is so very peaceful there now.  

Normandy Beach

Normandy Beach

While wandering around Paris, we happened upon a very large building with a glass roof, The Grand Palais.  I was told that tourists seldom get to see inside of this building, but there we were with the giant side doors standing wide open, and I was allowed to take a couple of photos.  It was immense and beautiful.

Surprise Opening

Surprise Opening

Around every corner was a gorgeous church and often the pipe organ would be playing.  Music is the most amazing universal language.  I wish that everyone around the world would be touched by the spirit of lovely music.  I don’t think that all people seek peace in their lives.  I am so sad about the events that occurred in Paris this past week.

One Peaceful Universal Language

One Peaceful Universal Language

With that being said, I think the world could use a little more things to celebrate and be light-hearted about.  You can find this happy frog in the pond at the Schramsberg Caves near Calistoga.  We went there with some friends a bit ago and had a remarkably memorable day.

More Bubbles Please

More Bubbles Please

It’s on days like that, when I realize that my little life, in my little piece of California, is quite lovely.  I hope that, wherever you are, your life is peaceful and lovely too.

Navigating Peace and Forgiveness


Last evening I went to a group grief session.  I’ve never done anything like this before but I thought it might be helpful going into the holiday season.  We were asked why we were attending and I was the only one that answered with the thought that I was searching for peace and forgiveness.  As I was listening, I found it interesting that I was the only one looking for these things.  It made me think.  I have been searching for peace my entire life and finding it around every turn.  I can find peace in the simplest of things, for instance, Stanton Lanier creates songs and plays the piano in the most soothing of ways.  It’s quite peaceful.  Taking my grandchild for a walk and stopping to watch the Cormorant fishing in the pond, watching the birds fly as we approach them, greeting the doggies along our path, are things that bring both of us delight and a calming peacefulness.  Everyday we are greeted with a sunrise and left with the beauty of a sunset.  This sunset made me think of my mother last weekend while we were stuck in traffic along I-80 near Dixon.  What a lovely way to be stuck in traffic.  Mom always liked a good sunset.

Peaceful Sunset

Peaceful Sunset

I think that I have the peaceful part of what I am searching for realized because, it surrounds me everyday and everywhere I go, all I need to do is look for it and be aware of it when I see it.  Searching to find forgiveness is the tricky part.  I don’t often need to find forgiveness but I realize that it is an important part of finding peace and joy in my life.  It is interesting that those people who I feel I need to forgive seldom even notice that something is askew in the relationship.  I have come to find that there are times when I simply need to accept them for who and what they are.  I can not expect them to be anything other than who they are.  I forgive them for being themselves and just figure that it is all they have to give.  I know these things but implementing this idea proves to be a struggle for me.  I need to find a solution so I can move on with the peaceful part of my life.  See, peace and forgiveness are intertwined for me.  I must remember to immerse myself in those moments of discovery and beauty.  It is there that I can bathe in the glorious act of acceptance and forgiving.  

I hope all your sunsets this week are exquisite. 

Into The Light

Illuminated Flower

Illuminated Flower

About a week ago, we went for a walk through the Sacramento Capitol Park.  There was a large vine with many flowers on it and some giant black bumblebees.  It was an amazing sight.  The flowers appeared to be lit from behind and the bees were so large that they would fly behind the flowers to get to the pollen.  Their approach was ingenious, really.  It made me wonder if the light we all finally move towards is as inviting as these illuminated flowers.  Now, read no further if you don’t want to read something very personal, just simply enjoy the photo.

The reason that I have been pondering questions about the light is that my mother is elderly and ill.  I have been spending every day with her and I have had a lot of time to think.  I have come to appreciate the color of her eyes and I so wanted to write a poem for her to help her through this time of her life.  I was so stuck and frustrated.  I had one stanza written and nothing else would come.  I wanted to share it with her and follow it up with the song I had written for her several months prior.  I’ve always thought that it is better to do something for someone and share it with them, then to write something and never be able to touch a person with the very thing, about that person, that stirred feelings in myself.  It was while the caregiver was massaging her legs that I started again, from scratch, and the words just flowed.  I shared it with her yesterday……

Oceans Blue

Fall season settles in on us
Brightening colors turn from green
You are resting so intently
The fullest rest, I’ve ever seen

Never one to take the time
To make yourself feel good
Your selflessness is something
I never fully understood

My mind has many images
That flow with thoughts of you
Remembering eyes that sparkled
With the oceans deepest blue

Always, you were looking
For ways to help another
Taking on the world a bit
Embracing, as a mother

All you were will fill me
My mind will sing, your Irish songs
And I will feel your presence
As your memory carries on

Now I can let you go away,
To that place you’ve longed to be
For in my heart I surely know
Heaven will fill your soul, with glee

For my mother, Nancy Lewis
Written by: Bonnie DiMichele

Mom loved the poem and piano piece, Autumn Hues, that I had video of on my iPhone.  When I have more time, I will share that with you also.  It wasn’t until recently that I thought about seeing my mother’s eyes, but they are the deep blue of the Monterey Bay.  I am so happy to see them each day.  She asked for blue flowers and I thought flowers didn’t come in blue, but these flowers I had photographed are called…..

Blue Dawn Flower Morning Glory

Blue Dawn Flower Morning Glory

It is quite simple for me, not this time of life, but the tiny thought that, I think that care and concern for others is so very important.  The caregivers for my mother are angels and I can only hope that they will have angels of their own someday.  My mother and I are thankful for them all.  Even when times are tough, remember to be caring.

In Tribute


(I have added another layer to my blog, with sound, and you can visit it at this vimeo site or on Facebook.)

John at Stinson Beach

John at Stinson Beach

Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the most remarkable man.  I had no idea at the time that he would become my father-in-law.  He was, in so many ways, a true father, mentor, and friend to me.  Mine, was not the only life he touched; he touched all the people he came in contact with.  He passed away in 1990 after a year-long battle with terminal cancer.  It seems a short time ago and a long time as well.  He had a brain tumor and was loving and brave through it all.  As much as cancer is a horrible disease, it gave us all the chance to tell him what he meant to us.  I remember sitting in the church during his funeral mass; I was sad in the reality that I had only known him for a short time.  I wished it had been longer.  The depth of all our grief was immeasurable.  It was felt by each of us individually and collectively.  A bit of that sadness still remains with each of us today.  Father’s Day, without your father, seems an unfamiliar thing, but for many of us, it is just that.  A day to remember your loss, and to celebrate with our own, new Father’s Day traditions. These are the days that our father’s would have so enjoyed watching.

The song that I wrote and played for him is embedded in the vimeo at the top of the page.  I have placed the poem I wrote to express my feelings for him at the end of this post.  He enjoyed them both, although he never heard the end of the poem, as I didn’t realize that it wasn’t finished until he passed away.  That is when I added the last  part to the poem.  I read it at the cemetery on that cold and windy Wednesday.  (I’ve never liked Wednesdays much since that day.)  We celebrated Thanksgiving the next day.  It didn’t seem much like a celebration to us.  It seems like there are times, when it would just be perfect if, the world would slow down for a moment, so you could take the time to grieve.  There was a time, not so long ago, when all people driving their cars would put their lights on and follow behind the mourners until they turned off toward their loved one’s burial place.  Those were respectful times.  Maybe that is why I feel like the world should slow down, not for all time, but just for a bit.  We should remember those precious souls that we have lost.  Remember too, all that they have taught us about becoming a better person.

I Think of You 

I often think of you

In the wee hours of the morning

I hope that you are resting well

Enraptured in fantasies, dreaming

I often think of you

Many times each day

I hope this life you have

Is kind in every way

I’ll often think of you

Someday when you are gone

Memories of your ways

Will fill me with a song

I’ll often think of you

As I watch your son

And all the ways he is like you

You never will be gone

I’ll often think of you

As I watch my son

He already is, quite like you

And so the cycle runs

I’ll often think of you

As I watch his son

It’s then I will remember

That I’m the lucky one

For I wasn’t born with your genes in me

But was fortunate to be

The vehicle to pass yours on

What an honor that was for me

I never want to make you sad

I just want to let you know

You are so very spectacular

You’ve helped us all to grow

So if you’re here, or if you’re gone

Every precious moment you give

Is filled with love and memories

Of the distinctive life you live


And so Dad,

Now that you are gone

I find I often think of you

As the days continue on

I think of you

And wear a heavy heart

In the fact that now

We are far apart

I know that someday soon

My eyes will dry from tears

Those precious memories of you

Will surround me through the years

I will always miss your presence

Though your essence has come to fill

My heavy and quite saddened heart

To help my soul be still


Written by:  Bonnie DiMichele 1990


Those things that Dad loved.


Growing Family

Growing Family


Wine Making with Friends

Wine Making with Friends


Sardine Lake View

Sardine Lake View

His angel

The Love of His Life

The Love of His Life

Love you Dad!  Thanks for making wonderful memories.





The Speed of Time


So, it was my intent to speak with my family about their favorite flowers and I’m afraid that I haven’t fully reached the information that I was intending to collect.  My oldest sister told me that her favorite flower is a hydrangea and my other sister was pretty sure that my mother’s favorite flower was a cyclamen.  The thing is, I don’t ever remember having cyclamens in our yard.  I didn’t become aware of these flowers until the 80’s myself.  That sister likes double peonies and that is the flower that I thought was a favorite of my mother-in-law.  I have found that many people like roses, a lot, and orchids pop up from time to time.  What I find troubling now is, remembering who likes what flower.  I really should write it down somewhere.

I wrote a song yesterday and am working on making my music happen on this blog.  I played it this morning and then changed it’s title to, Yesterday’s Song.  Do you have a favorite song, and if so, does it take you to a certain memory every time you hear it?  Share your thoughts about that song this week with someone.  I’ll cover mine in the blog next week.  It’s by Elton John.