Additional Spaces


I’ve been pulled away from my blog for a few weeks. We are in the process of having an addition put on our home. It takes a lot of time to find and purchase those things we need to make this project complete. So I apologize for failing to send Happy Holiday Wishes your way. I want you to know that you were in my thoughts and intentions to send greetings to. I hope you had a wonderful season  filled with family and friends.


A Sierra Winter’s Lake

We have found the smallest of time to go to the Sierra Mountains and look at a Winter Wonderland. The snow has been relatively scarce and it has made the lakes available that would normally be snowed in. The sights are abundant and amazing. Winter there, feels like it is still approaching.


Fragile Ice Near The Shore

For me, looking into the shallow depths of the lake and realizing the stillness that permeates there in the winter months, calms me in a time that seems so turbulent to me. The addition will be done soon and all this will pass also. I wish you all a warm and calming winter.



Lovely Lake Okanagan


Last week we took a trip to Lake Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada. We just happened to be there while the trees were turning golden. It was quiet and slow-paced, as the summer tourists had returned home. It was the perfect Fall vacation.

We were staying in Kelowna, near the Lakeshore Wine Route. We didn’t have a meal that wasn’t spectacular, the locals were friendly, and the weather was wonderful. This is a place I want to return to someday, perhaps at another time of the year so we can experience it during a different  season. We traveled there with friends, took in wineries, (accidentally) saw Will & Kate’s motorcade and Kate’s waving hand, sipped and painted on the deck, and played cards. We came back fully refreshed. I realized that you don’t have to go very far to find a place that rejuvenates you with its stunning silence and beauty. You just have to look and listen. 

Life in the Wild Woods


Last weekend some friends of ours invited us up to Lake Wildwood outside of Grass Valley.  My parents had asked us for years, “when are you going to move this way?”  I always said, “never!”  What I didn’t know was what a little gem of a lake this place has.

Near the Landing and Looking a Bit Like Memories from Lake Como

Near the Landing and Looking a Bit Like Memories from Lake Como

We went out on their pontoon party boat to view the entire lake.  The homes were beautiful and everyone on the lake was very friendly, waves all around, (no pun intended.)

Sunset Ride for Security

Sunset Ride for Us and the Security Boat

We stopped for a bit at one of their friends houses and sat out by the lake.  It was such an easy pace and we talked and laughed until we needed to return back to the dock.

Deep Blues and Full Moon Rising

Deep Blues and Full Moon Rising

The full moon began to rise over the hills and the magic of the place completely set in on me.  There are experiences in your life that just seem easy.  This location has that peaceful easy feel to me.

Sunrise and Steam Over the Lake

Sunrise and Steam Rising Over the Lake

I couldn’t wait to see the sunrise on Lake Wildwood.  The air was still as the fine moving mist rose across and off the lake.

Lovely Reflection

Lovely Reflection

We had to leave early because we had a conflict with another event.  There are days when I wish I never had those sorts of conflicts.  I could have enjoyed this view for…..well…..forever!