Between the Heat & Smoke


I haven’t written in my blog for quiet some time. I am sorry for this but the heat in California has been constant this summer and oppressive. We’ve now added to that by having large sections of the state on fire.


Sepia Dahlias

This has all left me a bit unable to find the beautiful color in the world around me. I know that sounds crazy but I’ve always tried to find the bright side of any circumstance and here I am, a little gloomy.


Color’s Coming Back

I do feel that the temperatures are moving into a Fall like pattern, so the cooler air should help the fire fighters and it will surely lift my spirits which will result in causing me to view the world in my usual way. Hooray! 


Dahlia’s In Full Bloom & Color

There you have it. The world in full color, courtesy of the garden in our own backyard. Go out and smell the flowers. It will make you feel better.

(Could have gone way beyond “heat and smoke” with all the craziness that is going on in the world today. I decided to tackle one thing at a time, mainly those things that I might have a little control over.) Have a Very Happy Weekend!

Trestle Trekking


While we were in Canada we decided to go for a bike ride on the Kettle Valley Railway Trestles. The view from there was magnificent and the story behind the bike/walking trail is a testimony to the goodwill that lives in so many of us.

There are eighteen trestles and two tunnels. In 2002 there was a lightning strike that started a huge wildfire. It damaged or destroyed sixteen of the eighteen trestles and you can see how large the fire was nearly every place that you go in and around Kelowna. I didn’t notice where the fire had been until I road across the trestles and became aware of the burnt tree stumps that still remain standing today. The Canadian people have lovingly rebuilt this lovely trail and these trestles. We were lucky enough to come upon it just before they stopped renting bikes for the season. It is a place where you want to linger and take in all the beauty that the hills and valleys have to offer. The fact that Fall was setting in only enhanced the beauty of the countryside. Should you ever venture to Kelowna British Columbia, please don’t miss the opportunity to ride along this mesmerizing trestle trail.