Daffodil Spring


I went to Daffodil Hill this weekend. I went there and also to Ocean Beach in San Francisco, The Japanese Tea Gardens, Union Square, and Fino’s Restaurant. It was a very full weekend but my grand daughter is turning six soon and a shopping trip to SF was just the thing for her. She had a great time and I shot a few wonderful photos of her.
Fino’s is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the city. I have never had a bad meal there. I’ve never had even a so-so meal there. It is off the tourist track on Post St. You really must try it, if you are ever there. I anticipated what I envisioned Daffodil Hill would be like. It wasn’t really anything that I expected. It was agood two hour drive to get there and once there, we had to wait for a very long time, just to get into the parking lot. There were almost as many visitors as there were Daffodils and I found it hard to get a good picture of the flowers without a body in the background. We had some friends (who have since passed on) that would go there every year and would tell us that we must go. Well, soccer, baseball, scouts, football, cheerleading, etc. all got in the way of going to Daffodil Hill. I’ve wanted to go for thirty plus years. I suppose this would be the time to share my daffodil poem with you. My memories of those flowers, on that hill in Santa Cruz, is clearer to me today then the flowers that I saw last Sunday. I love memories!

Daffodil Spring

In the fields
Of my childhood home
Grew the brightest of flowers
Through which I would roam

The warmth of sunshine
Never failed to bring
The glorious gold
Of each Daffodil Spring

On the hills nearby,
Green, orange, and blue
Seemed to melt into sky
With magnificent hues

And though my family viewed
All as black and white,
My mind filled with colors
Drenched in sunshine’s light

As days turned to years
Those colors remained
They lifted my heart
In the gravest of pain

So I give to my children
Advise through their years,
“Look for life’s colors
Lest you drown in life’s tears.”

Bonnie DiMichele



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