Seeds in the Peet


I know!  I’m placing two posts this week.  I just had to share this.  I just got done starting the seeds for this year’s garden in the indoor greenhouse that I’m trying for the first time.  It is a very rainy day in California and my grandma would have thought that it was an excellent day to sow seeds.  She would have been very proud of my exactness during this project.  If all the plants come up, I’ll have to find neighbors, family, and friends to gift them to.  

A few years ago I had the side hill cut into and tiered garden boxes put in.  They are about three or so feet high and it takes the backache out of gardening.  This is the first year I am trying to start the plants from seed.  I have high hopes.  I was also recycling my coffee pods this morning with the thought that my gardenia’s would love the grounds during the rain storm.  I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot this morning and I was helped with the use of a small fork that I picked up at a Pasadena estate sale.  I didn’t look too closely at it at the time, but once I got back home, I found that the back side of it had “The Good Wife” stamped on it.   Oops, I think it may have been lifted from an event.  I must wear my glasses when I am at estate sales.  Have you ever acquired something that later surprised you?