Petals In The Wind


Out in my backyard today

Is a swirling raucous wind


Flowering Salmon Quince

So those petals, young and blossoming

Become suddenly strewn in the spin




Magnolia Soulangeana Blossoms

I’m so glad I caught images yesterday

For today, they are gone from sight


Resting Mourning Cloak Butterfly

As the storm will soon come thundering

Unleashing with all it’s might 



Yellow Acacia In Bloom

Each West Winter is bound to repeat this pattern

Yet the flowers return here anew

Brightening up my landscape

Coloring my every view


Bonnie L DiMichele 2/2016


Big Springs Gardens Flowers & Bugs


We drove up Hwy 49 last weekend to meet a friend for lunch at Big Springs Gardens.  It was a delightful experience.  I realized that I had not been there in at least 10 years.  That is unfortunate because it is one of the most tranquil places that I have ever been.

Monet Inspired Bridge

Monet Inspired Bridge

As we approached the outdoor dining area, I just had to stop and take photos of the flowers, buzzing with bugs.  I’ve determined that the flowers are like bug catchers and I get to be so lucky as to have them lilt and pause for a bit, for nourishment, which leaves me able to snap a fabulous shot.

Orange Sulphur Butterfly

Orange Sulphur Butterfly

No nourishment here, but a metamorphosis near the pond, hidden in the grasses and leaves.

Dragonfly Larva

Dragonfly Larva

I had hoped that I would find more water lilies but it was not to be on this day.  The little blue dragonflies seemed delightfully at play.

Dragonflies on the Lily Pads

Dragonflies on the Lily Pads

Here is just a small portion of the gentle cascading falls that sits near the center of the restaurant.  We were fortunate to meet and chat with the owner and designer of the gardens, Don Phillips.  He feels that the gardens simply let him know what he could do to bring them into the beautiful state that they wished to be seen in.

Springs, turned into soothing falls, at the outdoor restaurant.

Springs, turned into soothing falls, at the outdoor restaurant.

After lunch we went for a stroll on the grounds and found hundreds of cosmos, all being attended to by the bees.

Bumble Bee on Cosmos

Bumble Bee on Cosmos

I thought of my grand-daughter and how she would not have been able to sit still with all the beautiful butterflies, flitting about.

Western Meadow Fritillary

Western Meadow Fritillary

If you’ve got time, look it up on the internet and stop by Sierra City, CA some time.  It’s worth the drive!