Peace & Quiet


A couple of weeks ago we walked the trail to Frasier Falls that was covered with snow. I didn’t realize at the time that this photo would take me to a very quiet and peaceful place during the holiday rush.


Snowy Bridge

While we were there, we didn’t know that our car battery was dangerously low and about to give out completely. It would have been a very long, icy walk back to a spot where the cell phone could have found a signal to call for help. I guess someone was watching over us. 


Frasier Falls

I try to reflect on the blessings from this year as I hurry to this year’s end. In the month before Christmas, it’s often hard to find a moment to be still and silent. I think it is important to carve out a little down time to help us all keep our sanity.


Shattered Ice Pond

So, I think of you as I mail my cards, wrap the boxes, and stand in the long post office lines. I think of you and hope that you have a safe and sane holiday season. I hope that you will find time to spend with family and friends ringing in the year that is soon to pass and the year that is about to be. Happy Holidays   



Only One Week To Go…..


I know it may seem funny, but I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year.  The world seems so foreign sometimes, to what I remember it being just a short time ago.  I have found myself counting my blessings in recent weeks and wondering too, about some very simple things in life.

Last Flowers of the Season

Last Flowers of the Season

  I wonder where little animals go when it is terribly stormy outside.  I then feel blessed that I am safe and sound in my surroundings.  There are so many people on this planet that are lost and displaced.  I need to remember them and with that, feel grateful for all I have.

This is Where the Little Bugs Hide

This is Where the Little Bugs Hide

Thanksgiving is at my house this year.  I can’t wait for my young adults to spend time together and find more memories to share.  Life is about these shared times.  It is these simple pleasures in life that I love so very much.

We Don't Think of Turkeys as Being Colorful

We Don’t Think of Turkeys as Being Colorful but They Are

I hope all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving.  It’s only a week away!