Sound Bath


Two weeks ago we went to Napa and realized what a great event this has been with the rain that we’ve been receiving.  The mustard is nearly glowing in-between the rows of dormant grapes.  It is a beautiful sight.  I failed to post last week because we were on our way to Palm Springs.  That is where I went to The Integratron and experienced my first “sound bath.”  The sounds were made in these crystal bowls.  It was loud and soothing all at the same time.


Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

From The Integratron I ventured on to Joshua Tree National Park.  I was nearly there while out in Landers.  I drove through lots of outcroppings of boulders until I reached The Arch.  I probably should have tried climbing around a bit but I did not have the shoes for it.  I’ve been wanting to go visit the national parks for some time now.  You never know just what it is that you will find there.  I was hoping for red rocks but saw brown ones instead.  These photos pretty much tell the story of the landscape.  There are miles and miles of rocks and Yucca plants, aka Joshua Trees.  My next national park stop is Yosemite and I know what to expect there.  I just have never been there during the time of year when we will go.  I can’t wait.  I have great expectations.


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