A Weekend Away


We took off last weekend with high hopes that we would be on Avila Beach at sunset.  Unfortunately, the traffic was not accommodating in helping to make that happen.

Catching Sunset Color

Catching Sunset Color

The hills stood between us and Avila Beach.  For those of you who don’t know, Avila Beach sits just below San Luis Obispo.  It reminds me, a bit, of Santa Cruz when I was very young.

Sunset from Avila Beach

Last Hint of Sunset from Avila Beach

Morning Tide at Pier One

Morning Tide at Pier One

The next morning we walked from pier one to pier three and the colors in the water were amazing.  I found that I was longing for Kodachrome.  I just can’t do it justice digitally.

Birds by the Third Pier

Birds by the Third Pier

One thing I like about this place is how extraordinarily ordinary it is.  This boat is a perfect example, it’s not a yacht.  Some places are filled with expensive boats.  I didn’t see that here.

Lonely Boat

Lonely Boat

It’s a calm place where people seem happy just to be out in the morning enjoying a cup of coffee with friends.

Under Pier One

Under Pier One

It is clear me that I need to spend more time in this place.  I really like it here.  I like the activity and I like it’s peacefulness.


Orange County Birds

Orange County Birds

We carried on down to Newport Beach.  It’s got an ocean full  of water but it doesn’t have the feel of Avila Beach.  I found myself missing the place from hence I’d come.

Go out and have a lovely weekend away. 


2 thoughts on “A Weekend Away

  1. Grace

    We moved to the Central Coast last year. We almost purchased a home in Avila but the deal fell through as the seller changed her mind. This is our favorite place, it is so picturesque and absolutely beautiful! We ended up buying a home in Arroyo Grande instead but we visit Avila frequently. Glad to hear the you enjoyed your visit here.

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