Clouds Over US


Sometimes I find it difficult to come up with new ideas to write about on my weekly blog.  I was already two days late on this weeks blog, so…..

Clouds Over Italy

Clouds Over Italy

I decided to take a walk and see what might pop into my head.  I was nearly halfway done, Dave Matthews playing on the iPod, when I noticed how very blue the sky was, so I looked up.  (I’ve shared some fabulous clouds from my travels so you’d understand the type of clouds that I saw today.) 

Hawaiian Rain Clouds

Hawaiian Rain Clouds

I found that there was an amazing large cloud above.  It was the kind of cloud that makes you wish that you were lying in the grass on your old school yard sharing the shapes that you were finding in the clouds with your closest friends.

Reflective Clouds In Alaska

Reflective Clouds In Alaska

The shape of the cloud was the Continental United States.  It had the land masses of Texas, Florida, and Maine included in it.  Hawaii and Alaska were not included; nor was Mexico or Canada.  It was just this perfect, puffy, white cloud of the U.S.

Clouds Over Scotland Locks

Clouds Over Scotland Locks

I didn’t have my camera or my phone on me, but maybe it’s better that way.   I’ll just have to keep that beautiful memory tucked away in my mind.


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