Pine Cobs


Over the Labor Day weekend we headed to the mountains.  We found that the squirrels and chipmunks had been quite busy with the pine cones.  They left pine cobs scattered everywhere about the yard.  Some people say that they can tell if the Winter is going to be cold and long if the squirrels are especially busy in the Fall.  Our patio was a mess of pine cobs.  I’m hoping for a long, snow filled, Winter.

Pine Cobs on the Patio

Pine Cobs on the Patio

One of the things we like about the mountains is that the pace seems so much slower than the rest of our world.  There is a place where musical artists come to share their songs with the locals on the weekend evenings.  Friday night was one of those special events.  Karl Larson was singing.  He especially likes to sing Cat Stevens and Jim Croce.  He looks so happy when he is singing.  There is even a brighter spot to his performing though.  His daughter, Karlene, comes and sings with him too sometimes.  

Karl Larsen

Karl Larson

What makes this so special is that you then have everything from Operator to Girl Crush.  She keeps him up to date.  It is so much fun to listen and watch them interact.

Changing Colors on the Mill Pond

Changing Colors on the Mill Pond

Fall is certainly settling in and you can see it everywhere.

New Growth

New Growth

We hiked to Eureka Lake and found the water levels to be low but still amazingly beautiful.  As we sat out having lunch by the lake, we talked about how good our life is.

Lonely Stump

Lonely Stump Reflection

There is nothing better in life then getting older and realizing how good we have it in the USA.  It’s not perfect but it’s pretty grand.  We are the fortunate ones.

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