Icy Heat Wave


It’s been really hot and smokey here; triple digits as they say.  I don’t like the heat so I was filling my mind with the following images with the hope that, if I could cool my mind, my body would surely follow.

Octopus Ice Image

Octopus Ice Image

Well, we all know that I wasn’t exactly successful at that, but it did make me hope for a long, cool, and snowy winter.  It’s not that far off, and if the forecasters are correct, I might just fish my wish.

Winter Sunset Over The Mill Pond

Winter Sunset Over The Mill Pond

Summer is great up in the Sierra’s but it is the stillness of the winter that fills me with one of my favorite sounds, silence.  Graeagle, CA is a special place, and when all the summertime families leave, there is a calmness that descends on the quiet little town.

Eureka Peak With Snow

Eureka Peak With Snow

My favorite time is January, February, or March when they hold the “World Famous Longboard Races.”  It is some of the best times that I have ever had, but you’ve got to have snow, lots and lots of snow!

Rooster Tail Stop

Rooster Tail Stop


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