Catching A Final Glimpse


Last weekend we went on a hike in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  We left from a place named Gray Eagle Lodge.  The pathway was often shady and you could hear running water most of the time, which somehow makes it seems a little cooler.

Pathway to the Wild Flowers

Pathway to the Wild Flowers

There were some flowers left and some that were fading away.  The insects didn’t seem to mind that the flowers were going away.  I wonder what is of interest when all the pollen seems to have been removed from the flower…..

End of the Flowers

End of the Flowers

This poor plant was almost completely gone.  Good eating for the bugs, I suppose.  I liked the shadows that were cast from what remained of the leaves.



There is a very small daisy that grows in the mountains and I have been trying to capture it, as my eye sees it, for ages now.  I know this isn’t in perfect focus.  Nothing about it is in focus, but I like the softness and true color of it.

Pretty in Purple

Pretty in Purple

The hike was lovely and the surprise waterfalls were energetically running with cool mountain water.  It’s this crazy little daisy that I cherish most.  I might never take another picture of one.  It’s simplicity is what draws me to it.  I appreciate the simple things in life, whether it be a hike, a sunset, or a photo.  The simple things are by far the most precious.


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