Spring Bling


I missed the blog last week as I had a horrible cold.  I thought it was allergies, but found at the Book Fest last weekend, that many people had the same symptoms that I had encountered the previous week.  

Early Sierra Blossoms

Early Sierra Blossoms

While at the Book Fest I attended a few workshops and one was on poetry writing.  We were given a choice of starting sentences to complete in five minutes.  I’m sharing that, unedited, poem with you……

Displaced Pollen

Displaced Pollen

Daffodil Petals

You wake up, and you do not know

How this splendid Spring morning

Will help your garden to grow

Your eyes scan the flowers, with a sense to see

Those beautiful colors

Feeding the honey bees

Yellow’s my favorite, color of all

Those flowers they grow

Some stout and some small

But surely my favorite, flower to smell

Comes on the Daffodil petals

Distinctively shaped, like a bell

Spring Bling

Spring Bling

If you haven’t seen this years daffodils yet, please take note of them when they arrive.  They are long gone in California, as everything bloomed so early this year.  

I can’t wait to see them again next spring.

Soft Yellow

Soft Yellow

They truly are my favorite.

2 thoughts on “Spring Bling

  1. Robin McCartney

    Bonnie I remember, living across the street, you talked me into planting daffodil bulbs. Every year they would break ground but never flower. I think after 4 years we went to my Grandmother’s 100th birthday. We were gone a week and when we got back there were tons of daffodils!!!!! I love yellow flowers too.

    Thanks for the remembrance. Love ya and Miss ya!!!!

  2. Thanks for the memories. You now have a lovely memory of your grandmother’s 100th birthday and you learned to have patience while waiting for those glorious flowers. Take care, my friend.

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