Pacific Sunsets


You may have missed my recent attempt at posting my blog.  I was in Maui, Hawaii and my iPad didn’t want to allow me to post anything.  I thought about struggling with it, and then I thought; why?

First Evening Sunset Kaanapali

First Evening Sunset Kaanapali

This isn’t the best photo that I took, but on our first night, we were serenaded with a concert six floors down.  It was amazing.  I love music, I love tropical evenings, and I love pleasent surprises like this.  I wanted to keep the feel of the party long after it was gone.  I’ve been listening to their CD’s for days now.

Concert with Henry Kapono & Willie K

Concert with Henry Kapono & Willie K

Our first night in Wailea was beautiful and I took this while on our way to the welcome party, down the beach pathway which was just past the pool. 

Pool Sunset Grand Wailea

Pool Sunset Grand Wailea

I had heard glorious rumors about Mama’s Fish House and was longing to go there all week.  We finally made it on the last evening and stopped in for an appetizer.  This place is like being in first class.  I wasn’t sure if I’d return to Maui, as it is rather congested for me these days, but I must return to go to Mama’s.  It was devine.

Final Sunset at Mama's

Final Sunset at Mama’s

There’s more to come as we had many adventures while in Hawaii.  I’m missing the sound of the ocean waves as they pounded the shore.  It’s funny how fast you can grow to appreciate certain things.


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