Sunsets and Friendships


I’ve always thought of the sunsets as a symbol of the end of the day, and as a reminder that the new day will come with just as much unique beauty as the sunset from the prior evening.

Dappled Sky

Dappled Sky

The sunsets have been unbelievably beautiful this winter.  I think this is due to the fog that has been ever-present in the mornings.

Santa Barbara's sinking sun

Santa Barbara’s Sinking Sun

The sunsets seem to make us stop and take notice of our pace in life and with being said….

Rancho Solano Setting Sun

Rancho Solano Setting Sun

I’ve a friend, twenty years my senior, who’s edging toward the sunset of their life.  They want to acknowledge it and talk about it.  I’m all in; you see, I’ve so much to learn from people who have experienced more of life than I have.  I can be a safe place to talk about feelings, expectations, and realities.  I’m not a family member, I’m a friend of this graciously glorious person.  

Do you know someone who could use a friend?



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