Rooster Tails


I’ve been searching my photo library with the hope that I had some current photos of winter.  It appears that I do not, and I am constantly reminded of how lucky we are to have the rain and the snow this winter.

Storm Across Lake Tahoe

Storm Across Lake Tahoe

I know it seems inconvenient some days but we traveled over Lake Shasta this fall and the level was so low, it looked like a river instead of a lake.  I could hardly believe my eyes.  

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset

I want everyone to remember all the beauty and joys that come with the precipitation.  I’m even trying to enjoy the valley fog this season.

Plumas Ski Area

Plumas Ski Area

We go to a place in the Sierra’s were we feel like we are stepping back in time.  If the snow is good this year, then the “World Famous Longboard Races” will be taking place on the third Sunday of January, February, and March.  

Successful Run At The Longboard Races

Successful Run At The Longboard Races

I can’t wait to see those rooster tails at the end of the downhill race.  It’s more fun then I can describe.



While I am watching the races, I’ll be giving thanks for the snow, the water in California, and those gorgeous sunflowers that will surely be around the next corner.

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