The Important Things In Life

Red Poppy in the Sierra Mountains

Red Poppy in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

A while ago, I wrote down a list of those things that I felt were important to remember as you move through life.  It was a bit like saying, “these are the things I believe in and I’d like to share them with you.”  Even when you think that you should remember those things most important to you, one can find that these ideas are not rapidly running around in your head 24/7.  I sent them to two of my nieces, with the hope that they would take them to heart upon graduating from high school and moving forward in their adult lives.  I knew that they might not look at them at all, let alone understand what it was I was trying to convey.  I am going to share these thoughts with you, one at a time, in my posts.  I hope that you find meaning in these thoughts as they relate to you; so here is my first thought…..

“Set goals in your life / if you have no goals, you will never achieve them.”

(Your goals don’t need to be huge, you can have tiny goals.  The point is to work toward achieving something.)

Please let me know if you have anything to share, as I can pass it on to others.  Have yourself a wonderful week.


4 thoughts on “The Important Things In Life

  1. Linda OKay

    How right you are . . . you’ve got to have goals! Not just far off lifetime goals, but smaller goals to accomplish each and every day.

  2. Shauneen Deschaine

    You wrote this for me in 2005! I was just looking through the book you gave me tonight, and I have to tell you how much I appreciate the time you took to compile this great list of life advice for me!

    • Oh Shuaneen,
      I was so hoping you had read it and now I know that you kept it too. Thank you for your thoughts. I do believe in all of those things. That apple falling from the tree that we spoke about yesterday; you are such a lovely young lady and I think you should embrace all that you are. Please do come visit us.
      Love you,
      Aunt Bonnie

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