Whistful Water Waifs


This will be a very short post, but I promise to fill my pages with wonderful photos from my Pacific Northwest trip.  I am simply overwhelmed right now.  I did want to share this with you though.  We went to Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, OR while on our trip.  The busyness of the bees was so much fun to watch.  I captured this photo and you can almost see the wings of the incoming bee.

Busy Bees on Lilies

Busy Bees on Lilies

I somehow missed ever seeing a water lotus before.  All the gardens that I have been in, have never boasted with the complex beauty that I found in these flowers.  I am only up to the 4th day of our trip, while sorting out the photos.  I try to put the photos in a book within 3 days of my return.  That will be tough this time.  So much has happened since we’ve been gone.  Hang in there with me……there is so much more to follow……..I hope you like these garden shots as much as I do.  

Beautiful Water Lotus

Beautiful Water Lotus


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