Day Dreaming



Sometimes, when I see a place or an image, it takes me to another place and time.  The image below did that for me.  I’ve had a secret for many years now; my entire life, really.  No one in my family knew, and I surely would have had more eyes on me if I had ever told them what I was up to.  We lived on High Street, when I was a small child, in Santa Cruz California, and there was a creek nearby, between High Street and Meder Street.  I took my bucket, plastic shovel, and sifter down to the creek one day.  I left them there in the brush and I would return every so often to play by and in the creek.  I loved hiding under the bushes and letting my imagination run wild.  I would listen for the fifteen minute chiming of the local church clock so I wouldn’t stay too long and be found out.  It probably wasn’t the safest thing to be doing, but there was something magical about the place.  The overgrowth of bushes in this photograph, reminded me of that childhood place, as soon as I saw it.  I have been following  She takes amazing photographs.  I entered a challenge of hers to put words to this photo.  Here is what came to me in the night…….


Day Dreaming

There are places from my childhood

That I can only be

Those places are like photographs

In my mind to see

The stream that flowed beside my home

The lizards out to play

The soft green grass upon my cheek

Can return, on any day

Those places all have changed so much

But in my mind remain

For thoughts and dreaming innocence

I want them not to wane

It’s here, upon this crusty bench

I know that many come

To conjure up their images

While shaded from the sun

My mind’s memories are colorful

Not left in black and white

They give me peace throughout my days

And sometimes in the night


Bonnie DiMichele



Do you have a favorite childhood secret?


2 thoughts on “Day Dreaming

  1. Robbi McCartney

    What a wonderful story. Nowadays that would be a dangerous thing for a young one to do, but I love how you captured it. I love your writings!!!!!

    • Thanks Robbi. It would be dangerous today. I read the post to my mom today when I visited with her. She said, “You did that?” I told her yes and I thought it was about time that I came clean about it. I don’t want to encourage young people to do that today, but those were wonderful times.

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