Praying In The Garden



You may need to get out your reading glasses for this one….Image

I found this tiny green, 3/4″ insect, on the back of my husband’s shirt the other evening.  It was glorious outside and we were just about ready to dine, al fresco.  I decided to quickly return it to the tomato plants.  My husband had been watering the garden, and I figured that he, or more likely she, had come from that spot in our yard.  I could see a pinpoint dot on the left eye and It reminded me of one of it’s ancestors, that I had come in contact with before, I’m sure.  A couple of years ago, near this very same garden area was a much larger praying mantid.  It was not happy to see me at all!  It too, had it’s tiny left eye pointed at me.  I found it on a dahlia, in-between the fragrant glut of gardenia’s and the vegetable garden.  

ImageKeep coming back guys.  You are welcome in my garden any time, even if you do have a bit of an attitude.  If I ate what you eat, I’d have an attitude too!  (So happy that you help out around here.) 



One thought on “Praying In The Garden

  1. Silvana

    Oh my, you are very accepting of this praying mantis in your garden. The photo is wonderful, i’m impressed that you were able to get such a good photo. The fact that you were able to capture it so clearly on the plants is icing on the cake, I’m impressed Bonnie although I have to say that I don’t think I would be as accepting of the creature.

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