Deja Vu

Chico Graduation 2014

Chico Graduation 2014

There are times in your life when you may be walking, and catch a certain scent and it sends you hurling back to another time and place.  There are times when you may hear a certain phrase, and it makes you feel years younger.  There are times when a song comes on the radio, and you think of a place or a time that you haven’t thought of in years.  It’s like you’re standing in that exact place and time again, right then, yet right now.  There are times when you see something and bang!  Deja Vu  This was one of those times.  We were at a graduation party in Chico (or a congraduation party, as the sign read) and this photo was snapped, and when it was shown to me, the following album cover by Crosby Stills & Nash popped into my mind and the tunes started running through my head.  What an amazing feeling to look at that photo and see something else.  Truly Deja Vu or Duva Je as my husband often calls it.  A mixing up of the words, but we both know it would mean the same thing.  

De Ja Vu

My Little Deja Vu

I love those moments that whisk me back to another time.  Those remembrances remind me of how very colorful and meaningful life can be.

And yes, we had a dog instead of a guitar, some of us barely knew each other, and it wasn’t our place; we were just trying to stay cool on a hot day.  The song Deja Vu was on the next album by Crosby Stills and Nash.  Both the albums are wonderful and even if you are young, and think you wouldn’t be interested in them; you should give them a listen.  What a song writing talent, those three had.  Check out Deja Vu on Wikipedia if you’ve never heard of the phenomena before.  Those of us who are a bit older; we live our lives by it.  It happens to me often and I try to stay in the memory or the moment as long as possible.  Do you have a Deja Vu moment that continues to stick with you? 



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