Dew Drops & Sunlight



I took a walk early this morning, as the temperatures were climbing quickly again today.  I’ve always found it interesting, that thoughts of things that were familiar in childhood seem to randomly float into my mind.  I suppose everyone is like that.  Today I was back in kindergarten at Westlake Elementary and Warren Scaroni was spilling milk on my dress, yet again.  It happened almost every day.  My mother said he liked me.  It sure didn’t feel that way.  

I thought about how memories are funny things and it is curious how they come and go.  I was listening to music that was quite new, yet my mind was drifting to days that happened long ago.  As I was walking, I noticed that a neighbors sprinklers were on and the sunlight was catching the water droplets on their vegetation in a beautiful way.  I stopped for a while to admire the tiny rainbow droplets.  I didn’t have my camera with me but I posted this photo as it has much the same feeling for me.  Perhaps it is better that my mind remember that gorgeous scene as, if I had taken a photo, it probably wouldn’t look the same as my mind absorbed it anyway.  As I travel through life, I want my mind to soak up all the most beautiful images and store them for me…..always.  Do you have a special image that your mind returns to and recalls fondly?   


2 thoughts on “Dew Drops & Sunlight

  1. beautiful bonnie, i think back to easter sundays, when we would get up and sing at church…i loved that little church….it was always a safe, friendly place…..

    • Jeri,
      Thanks. I do remember Easter Sundays and singing in the church. It was a safe place and so familiar. While going through the family photos, Easter was the one time of the year when we took photographs together. Mom and her girls. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the blog. Take Care!

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