It Will Make Your Mother’s Day!




My Early Years

My Early Years


I’ve thought a lot about writing about mothers today, and the impact they have on our lives.  Mother’s Day is on Sunday and I am now a mom who has adult children who live on their own.  This makes Mother’s Day quite different for me then how it used to be.  I am lucky if I get a homemade card from one of my grandchildren and I remember how lovely it was when my own children would give me a handmade card.  My favorite handmade cards came with coupons that I could use at a later date to receive help around the house.  I still have some of those unused coupons in my drawer and I love to look at them and remember when my children were small.  In case anyone wonders, as a mom, I always read the sentiment printed on the card and the sentiment that is written by hand.  I have had some of the nicest cards given to me over the years.

This Mother’s Day is one where, some of the people I know, will be having their first Mother’s Day, without their mother (as she has passed on).  This is a place we seldom contemplate when we are young and our mother is doing everything for us.  We don’t stop to consider what our world would be like without our mother.  My mother is here, but with her dementia, she won’t remember that it is Mother’s Day, even if I tell her fifteen times.  I miss her sometimes when I am sitting next to her and I realize that she is there, yet so much of who she was is already gone.  As mothers, on this earth, we are very much alike.  It is with this thought that I want to share something with you.

Mom & Me

Mom & Me

The one universal thing that makes a mother the happiest, is when all of her children are together and enjoying each others company.  It sounds like a little thing, but as you grow older, it happens less and less often.  So, if you can, try to find the time to be together as a family, if only for a bit.  It will make your Mother’s Day!

On The Ice In SF

On The Ice In SF

One of my children came to visit me last weekend.  It was an early Mother’s Day surprise.  We sat and we talked about our favorite memories of growing up.  His fondest memory was the same as mine, with regards to our link to each other.  Those times are lovely to reminisce about.  So share your fondest memories with your mom this Sunday and if you all can’t be together, well, there’s always Facetime or Tango.  Have a Happy Weekend and a Happy Mother’s Day too!

Day In Glen Ellen

Day In Glen Ellen


2 thoughts on “It Will Make Your Mother’s Day!

  1. Silvana

    I enjoyed the thoughts of your mother. I was struck when I read your comment about missing your her while you were next to her. I appreciate the gift I have in my mother still with me. Your thoughts help to remind me that I am very lucky to have her with sound mind and body.
    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  2. I am so glad that your mom is able to enjoy her grown children still. I hope it will be that way always for her, and for you too. Have a very Happy Mother’s Day.

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