Seek Peace In Tomorrow



It occurs to me, as we turn the corner from Winter into Spring…..


While I am reflecting, remembering some of my favorite things…..


That time as a season is fleeting, seems I’m caught in a swirl…..


Surrounded by Earth’s brightest colors, that before me unfurl…..

I see one can fill up their days with so much to do

So they never find time for what’s meaningful, it’s true

What a shame it would be to reach the end of one’s road

Just to find, time had taken those moments, you thought owed

So live for today, seek peace in tomorrow

Follow your heart, far away from your sorrow

The meaning of life here, is easy to find

You just have to open your heart, and your mind


(my first poem written for my blog//4/23/2014//Bonnie DiMichele)



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