Dancing Red Tiger Lanterns



I was walking through the Capitol Park in Sacramento this past weekend, observing the beautiful flowers that were surrounding me.  There were many people out in the World Peace Rose Garden taking pictures of the flowers and each other.  The Camellia Grove was just about done flowering but the Azalea’s were vibrant and brilliant to my eyes.  When we were about done with our walk, and heading back to the car, I spotted this lantern looking flower on an Abutilon, or Flowering Maple.  I snapped the shot and realized that I still had the camera on a special setting called, One Point Color.  I quickly changed the setting and realized how far we have come with photographs in the last one hundred and twenty-five years.  (Since Kodak released a camera with a roll of film.)


Here it is, in fully color.  I thought about my grandmother and how she would have loved to be able to do that.  She could only take photos in black and white, only with film, and only a few at a time.  In the attempt to save her cherished memories, she took black and white photos and described the colors on the back of each photograph, once processed.  I attempt to revisit her journey to Connecticut in my book, “in Grandma’s Shoes,”  author, Bonnie DiMichele.  Today, I can capture those places that she visited in full color; the way she would have loved to be able to view them, time and time again.  I think my tiny camera is an amazing product.  It is new to me.  My old one gave up after taking thousands of photos.  This new Panasonic DMC-2525 has some amazing new features that I am still playing with.  I tell you this because it is small enough to fit in your pocket and take everywhere.  Now you might think that technology has developed more recently than the 125 years that I mentioned, but without those prior steps, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the things we do today.  The pioneers of photography had no idea where their steps would ultimately lead.  It seems though, that they all wanted to be able to share photos in color.  I am so grateful that they didn’t give up on their dreams and ideas.  What is your favorite photo that you have captured?


2 thoughts on “Dancing Red Tiger Lanterns

  1. Silvana

    I’ve never seen a flower like that one before. A suiting name for such an unusual flower. Thank you for sharing it.

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