Lofty Goals


My grand-daughter turned six a couple of days ago but we have spent days, if not weeks, celebrating this event. She is so happy to be having a birthday and turning six. She got her ears pierced, had tea at The American Girl store, spent the day in San Francisco, and the party is tomorrow! I remember turning six. I spent days on that birthday as well. My days were spent sitting on the steps, outside our house on High Street in Santa Cruz, CA, waiting for the mail carrier to pull up to the mail box out by the street, so I could run down the steps and take a look in the mail box to see if any of my aunties had sent money for my birthday. I guess I was lucky to only have three aunts that lived some distance from me. If there had been more, I might have spent a month, instead of a couple of weeks, sitting on those steps each day…….waiting…….! One aunt would always be on time and would send a simple and sweet card. Another would send a very small amount of money through the mail, and the third, well that was the one that I was truly waiting for. Aunt Elsie would always be the most generous. One year she sent Noah’s Ark via delivery to Sears. We would drive into town to look in the Sears cubicles to see if the delivery had arrived yet. This took a very long time and we went several times to see if the ark had arrived. I know this story seems odd to some of you, but it wasn’t all that long ago that the world moved at a much slower pace. Everything didn’t happen in a day and we actually expected to wait for things. I think todays instant gratification may be pushing our youth toward expectations that are unrealistic, long-term. The ability to have the patience to know that your goal will be reached if you just keep consistently moving toward it, may be something that we have lost. As grandparents, we need to help our grandchildren realize the wonders of this planet that we live on. It’s good to show them how life was when we were young. Those seeds that I planted last week, most of them have grown amazingly well, and I can only imagine that the seeds that I sow with my grandchildren will grow equally as well if I give them the TLC that they need.
I want to share one more thing with you. We talked about this, a little, during tea yesterday, as there were conversation cards on the table.  I had been fortunate to see, a day prior, a house during construction in The Suisun Valley.  The views are spectacular and one would think that living in such a place would bring only peace and harmony to your life.  It occurred to me that our lofty goals sometimes bring great stress with them.  I doubt this is the case here, and the owners will be quite happy in this place.  For those of us who do not live on the hilltop, it is important to appreciate every little thing about us, every day.  We needn’t live at the top of the world to see the beauty that is around us, everywhere.  Do though, take a look at this photo, and enjoy the view.  

House on the Hill

House on the Hill


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