Love Song


I missed writing the blog last week.  I posted a photo that reveals where I was.  I thought, while in Maui, that I should go ahead and write in the blog but I just always found something else to do.  With that in mind, here is the answer to my favorite song.  It’s Love Song by Elton John.  It was never very popular but I always stop and intently listen when I hear this song.  It doesn’t take me to a particular place, like other songs do, yet it takes me to a time.  The good ol’ 70’s.  Most of the music of the 70’s was good and it was a time of growth for me (age appropriate).  We all do a lot of growing in our twenties.  

While in Hawaii, I was so enraptured with the whales.  They seemed to be everywhere I went and so very active.  I can’t remember seeing them in Hawaii like that.  I suppose it was the time of year and the island that I was on.  They are wonderful creatures and viewing them is different wherever you go.  I had a great adventure once in Monterey Bay and another memorable one in Alaska.  I won’t soon forget my sightings in Hawaii either.  I saw my third green flash in Hawaii this time and I really can’t get enough of the phenoninom.  What is it that you have experienced, that you want more of?

Damp Diamond Head Climb

Damp Diamond Head Climb

Aloha Spirit

Aloha Spirit


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