The Speed of Time


So, it was my intent to speak with my family about their favorite flowers and I’m afraid that I haven’t fully reached the information that I was intending to collect.  My oldest sister told me that her favorite flower is a hydrangea and my other sister was pretty sure that my mother’s favorite flower was a cyclamen.  The thing is, I don’t ever remember having cyclamens in our yard.  I didn’t become aware of these flowers until the 80’s myself.  That sister likes double peonies and that is the flower that I thought was a favorite of my mother-in-law.  I have found that many people like roses, a lot, and orchids pop up from time to time.  What I find troubling now is, remembering who likes what flower.  I really should write it down somewhere.

I wrote a song yesterday and am working on making my music happen on this blog.  I played it this morning and then changed it’s title to, Yesterday’s Song.  Do you have a favorite song, and if so, does it take you to a certain memory every time you hear it?  Share your thoughts about that song this week with someone.  I’ll cover mine in the blog next week.  It’s by Elton John.


2 thoughts on “The Speed of Time

  1. Silvana

    One of my favorite songs is Forever Young because it says so many of the things I would say and I feel about my life and those I love. I always sing along with Rod whenever I hear it.

  2. I love that song. It is so true that when we lose someone, they stay in our hearts and minds at exactly the age that we lost them. They remain a wonderful memory.

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