Describe your childhood.


I’ve been talked into blogging by Balboa Press, the publisher of my new book, “in Grandma’s Shoes.”  I’ve never done this before but I’d like to think that we all could be a little better at communicating.  I’ve come to realize that we can share our lives with people and never fully know them.  I would like to become better at communicating myself, and so I’ll use this blog to create ideas for you, your family, and your friends with the hope that we can all become better acquainted.  I’m looking forward to seeing ideas from you as well and I will be actively in search of answers in-between blogs.  

Here is my idea:

(In the preface of my book I had asked this question of my husband.)  How would you describe your childhood in one or two words?

Have fun with this and explain to whomever you’re talking with, why you chose that word or words for your description. 


4 thoughts on “Describe your childhood.

  1. Linda OKay

    The one word to describe my childhood is “long”. The monotony of every day being the same, stretching endlessly year after year, with few highlights to be experienced or even anticipated…….no vacations, no achievements celebrated, no positive thinking encouraged, no participation in life allowed. How I longed for the day when I could be the master of my own destiny and have limitless possibilities in my future. Thank goodness that was a long time ago!

    • That is true, it was a long time ago. As an adult, you can create your own highlights, vacations, achievements, and you are in control of your thinking; master of your own destiny. You are old enough to remember and cherish all that you’ve accomplished. Go see the world and savor your moments while sitting at a sidewalk cafe. It is so good to leave the drudgery of the past behind and look forward to today, as well as the future.

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